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'PAKI' is Offensive..... It's 'Racist'..... - TheOne - 06-19-2003

Reported in DAWN (June 18, 2003)....
Please refer the above news for complete story....
".....Lord Justice Auld, sitting with Justice Goldring, ruled that there was no doubt that the word "PAKI" was "a slang expression which is racially offensive"..... He said " It is also all too familiar an expression to the courts, used as it so often is as a prelude to violence, whether provoking or offering"......
So... should I Now onward, never call 'Paki' the "PAKI".... but 'PAKISTANI(excluding "Munda")'.....
Dear "PAK*"... either change your name or accept that 'gender' which you've luckily been left with to 'accept' on 'as is where is basis'???!!!!!...[If not then... let everyone call you with any name as allowed by the decision of 'THE HONOURABLE WHITE COURT"!!!????....]
You're looking for it so here you've got a genuin (Made in Englang) 'KilKil' to start with..... keep smiling...

- Cricketer - 06-20-2003

Althugh some ppl may differ with it, but for me the term Paki was always a source of pride.... a la Paki Power... Proud to be a Paki!

Even in america, the african american community has started to take the term 'Nigger' as something to be proud of.

- TheOne - 06-20-2003

Good stance... but it all depends that who calls 'Paki' or 'Nigger' and under what circumstances & in what 'tone'...
If a black calls to other black a 'nigger' then it may not show any hatred at all. Perhaps above quoted judgement could not be given against any 'Pakistani'... You see No action byitself is bad or evil... it's the 'reason' and 'cause' of action which makes it bad or evil.
'Nigger' is accepted in USA only in such parts where 'slang' is common language and where 'Anti-Hero' concept prevails.. mostly in young and angry youth. Otherwise it is still generally taken as an extreme hatred showing word... just like "Musla' (what is used for muslims) in India.... What do you think?

I've to add some more comments
May be you might have pleaded or represented some case in any of the honourable Courts of Pakistan (in any capacity)... I don't know (but frankly I've had a couple of chances)..... there only 'Precedent' is followed (if nothing else is available to evaluate the case)...[Please note I'm not talking about specialised cases involving religious aspects etc].. based upon this.. I can safely assume that even in Pakistan, if a 'Pakistani' calls another Pakistani a 'PAKI'..... the case would be decided upon the basis of above referred judgement..... because there's no other basis available to evaluate the case!!!???
Perhaps that's why it's said that 'Justice is blind'????
Now, unless some case is decided otherwise by any Pakistani honourable Court... till then 'PAKI' would be considered as 'offensive' and a 'Racist' term. This is our legal system.... No matter what you think or what I think... perhaps Justice never consideres any personal thinkings, likes & dislikes.... (Now onward.. if you're in England, no matter what you think of the term 'Paki'... it's a crime to be called)....
Anyhow in any case, I'll never call you 'Paki' (even though you may like to be called it... because Law (at least on papers) seldome considers relative terms like 'Pride' or 'Nationalism')....
I'll be waiting for your vlauable opinion... (because I can imagine of dynamics of your reply)...

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- Paki - 06-28-2003

asalam o alaikum
what if they start calling you 'pakistani' with a sneer???? r u gonna change that too???
guess u r gonna feel honored, gora saab atleast having to have a word about u!!!
personally I think being a 'PAKI' is an attitude (unluckily it could not be so without it being associated with racial offense)

Me rulz

- TheOne - 06-28-2003

My dear,
It's not a 'What-if' scenario..... they've been doing it... they always do it because they like to do it..... my only point is that since it's a term 'coined' by them while being at peak of 'hatred'.. so it should not be a matter of joy or pride for us and be accepted to feel ourselves 'comfortably in the numb'.....

Have an example..... do you know where the trem "MOSQUE" came from?????..... When Muslims were being wiped off from Europe (specially in Spain) in late days of 'Khilafat' (what they call it the 'Caliphate'), then Muslims used to get shelter in 'Masaajids'... but even there, they were chased, searched out and murdered...
AND... THEN SOME OF THEIR LORDS had said "these places {Masaajids) are 'Mosques'... because 'We kill them (Muslims) there like 'Mosquitoes'!!!!!"
This is none of my any bloody assumption... but the history... that's why all Muslims who're a bit interested in history, never call a 'Masjid' as 'Mosque'..... Now please tell me... should we accept the term 'Mosque' as a pride or a source of power & joy?????
Regarding feeling pride about gora's talk... believe me.. I've personally seen and experienced that some of our such 'Desi Loag' who are really living quite very well and proudly there... are sunk simply in their 'sneering looks'!!!... let alone their sneering talk, gesture, call or slang!!.....
In the end.... you're right that 'Paki' is an attitude, but... also 'UNLUCKILY' it was founded by some our own brothers..... it didn't just come out of blue....

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- Paki - 07-13-2003

your example doesnt fit realy well in this situation.
Masjid and Mosquito, are two different terms. To relate two different things to degrade 'Masjid' is another thing. But 'Paki' is just a shorter form and like I said, representing an 'attitude'. Now if somebody uses the 'same' term - its basically becomes a matter of intention behind saying it, and you bet, 'they' wont be having a clean intention when saying 'Masjid' either.

Me rulz

- TheOne - 07-14-2003

I didn't compared 'masjid' with 'Mosquito'... masjid is arabic term... I talked about 'Mosque' and 'Mosquito' which are english terms. Didn't I ask that where the term 'Mosque' come from?

- Paki - 07-15-2003

although I dont go around correcting people, but since I've seen you correcting people to ridicule them than to improve them, I'm gonna take this opportunity to correct you, so you can feel it on your own skin aswell (and besides, I must say, its not something I'll get a chance at quite often ) <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
first of all, its 'didnt compare' not 'compareD'
2nd its, 'didnt I ask where the term mosque cAme from' not 'come from'
I hope you wont suicide due to this correction, cause nobody's perfect so dont take it too hard.
3rd (its not a correction, jusy my own point) mosque (u say) = mosquito, so its basically one term, so this one term is matched with masjid or used as masjid to degrade it. meaning they use a thing less respected to represent our masjid. but using paki for pakistani , it is like using the same thing. I hope you got the point, and if you did not, then nobody cares
see you

Me rulz

- sajjad_dar2000 - 07-22-2003

<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana" id=quote>quote<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>
Aslam O Alaikam< PAKI

I agree with you I am studying in United Kingdom and in UK call some one Paki is an offence (crime).

But I think the ppl who call us PAKI actually calls us Pakistani.
One day I was in University and a white man called me Paki and I replied 'Yes I am paki and I proud myself, after that he never called me again paki.

Actually lot of ppl(Pakistani) hate word Paki that’s way non Pakistani call us Paki.

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- jbladeus - 07-25-2003

In another topic Pervez wrote
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana" id=quote>quote<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Hi Paki( i wouldn't like to be called by that name at any cost!)<hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote><font face="Verdana" size=2 id=quote>

I would like to answer to this over here.

Since we show to the goras that we are offended when they use this term, they just use it to irritate us even more. Why not make this word something to be proud of rather than be ashamed of. The next time when anybody calls you a Paki, just smile and say "Thnx, i am proud to be one!" rather than show him that u have been offended. And shoot me if that person ever uses it again in a drerogatory manner.

It is the receiver who makes a word a Gaali, not the one who throws it. Only we can change this word from a cuss to something to be proud of by changing our own attitudes towards it. Around a hundred years ago, the word 'Yankee' was used by the europeans as a drerogatory term to address the americans. When the amercians showed them that they didnt give two hoots about the euros using it, this term automatically changed from a something bad to something to be proud of.

I was appalled to see that on the discussion board of, PAKI is a cuss word and is automatically censored by the discussionboard script. So whenever somebody even writes 'Pakistan', it comes out like '****stan'!! Now the name of my country has become a Gaali. We ourselves have to change this situation and have to do it quickly.

Arrrgh... it sure's gonna be mighty rough sailin' today ... mates!

- Pervez - 07-26-2003

Hi Guybrush and others!
Good u brought this topic here instead of in the student section.
I was thinking to reply Sumaan in that area. Any way, i am going to give it straight to u friends. First of all, whether they call us Paki or Pakistani it really doesn't matter. The problem is not with them but it is with us. We as a group has developed a reputation which is our own creation. Why blame goras? Goras don't come to our country to beg for jobs and money. We are the carpet beggers not goras. Beside, even if we don't go abroad, who is living on the mercy of IMF and World Bank? Goras or we? Whose govt. begs for extension of repayment of IMF loans on a regular basis.
Tell me honestly, what r the accomplishments of our society in the last 50 years? Please don't spin the truth! We are one of the unique nations in the world in many respects. Some of which are as follows
1. Only country whose major part said bye bye and we still retained our old name. Not to mention one of the biggest military surrender in
the history of the world.
2. We are on the top of corruption index in the world. (Perhaps among first three).
3. One of the few countries in the world where merit has never been accepted by an incompetent, corrupt,lazy and almost inhuman administration. We prefer incompetence over competence, geography over good values. Despite the teaching of our Prophet who said in his last address to give no preference to Arabi over Ajami.
4. Till a few years back, this was a failed state and an economic basket case.Thanks to our current mard-e-momin that things are turning around. There was a total choron ka raj (Bibi and Baba duo).
Then u thump ur chests and say that we are proud. Proud of what?
Yes proud of expliotation of poor, murder of two civilian prime ministers! A 40% budget for military while people are illiterate and starving. Non existence fundamental human rights, a hot bed of religious discrimination and intolerance. Give me a break!
Yes we live in delusional world. 99% of the population is willing to leave the country even if they risk their lives. Whose nationals get deported from all over the world by plane load. Even a poor country like Sri Lanka sent back some proud brothers of ours!
I can go on and on but friends, let us be realistic! first bring ourselves to a certain standard and then ask the world to respect us!
Don't just shot off words and expect others to have any respect for u.
Respect is not a right. It is earned. Not by words but by deeds.
I hope i have given u a chance to think and may be change a little bit in the right direction.
Thank you!

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- Paki - 07-27-2003

you know its once again a matter of attitude - u are not wrong, but that does not make me wrong either. just to help u with a case study sort of a thing.
you enter a classroom in west, and the whole (gora) class points at you, and starts 'humiliating' you chanting 'PAKI' - apparently they are doing it cause they've heard so many bad things about pakistanis - but you didnt do any of it, infect you are better than the stupid (most of them are) goras,,,,,, so what are you gonna do?? start trembling and probably hide urself somewhere??? noh, I dont do that, I remain cool and take my seat, cause, PAKI I m.
so its basically this creep that crawls my mind, that why should I be ashamed of something (cause you've associated PAKI only with disgraceful actions) that I've not done??? I mean if you wanna be disrespectful to me, just cause I didnt do it, then bust you (goras).
I'm not gonna be ashamed on the disgrace that our fellows have brought us, to the extent that I'm gonna want to hide my identity.
so probably I'm proud of being a PAKI cause I've not contributed (in my opinion) to the disgrace of my country and country folks.

and besides goras are also responsible for our miseries (I'm not shifting the blame, just identifying one) but its a separate topic.

Me rulz

- Pervez - 07-27-2003

Hi fellows!
my short message this time is this
In the next IMF meeting,i hope our finance minister tell those goras
"Bust u stupid guys i am not licking ur boots any more"
I will then believe Pakistan's real independence has begun. Till then be ready for a lot more licking!
Bye Bye<img src=icon_smile_clown.gif border=0 align=middle>

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- smraza - 07-27-2003

It will just remain in your dreams


- Pervez - 07-28-2003

i hope u know a famous speech by a famous person (Dr King) which started with "I had a dream....that one day black man will be judged
not by color of his skin but by contents of his character..." And look how much progress has been made in the field of civil rights in his country. Therefore, let us hope one day our Nargis will also find its Dedawar...may be after a thousand years.
Pewasta reh sajar see umeed-e-bahar rakh! <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>

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