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Information - zeeshan haider - 06-22-2003

I am suffering from a trouble and don’t know how to get rid of it so.plz.plz.plz guide me.
Sir, I have done my Matric and F.Sc. (pre-medical) with A+ and A Grade respectedly. I want to do C.A.
Plz guide me that should I start direct C.A though I don’t have any Commerce background or should I go to Hailey College for B.Com and then start it.
I don’t know what to do and what not to do. My very future is at stake.
I am waiting for your Reply so that I may start study. Plz guide me sincerely.


- Asif - 06-28-2003

yar sub se pehle to tum ye dekho ke u wanna do C.A. If u have to do! then I suggest not to go for B.Com as u will spend app. 3 years on it and then again will have to appear in Module A of C.A., iss liye mere jaan Start preparing for PPT,

Muhammad Asif Masood
for islam see,

- smraza - 07-16-2003

I dont agree with Sajjad Dar, what happened if u dont have the base of accounting, i ll let u know that fact, that in the history of Punjab University all the top scorers are from FSc Pre Medical background, i m also the top scorer of BCom punjab university. i am also nakam doctor (Fsc Pre Medical) but i joined CA, CA is no more tough job nowadays, u can just clear PPT of ICAP, and then start FTFC (Full Time Foundation Course) u can also do Bcom simultaneously, (as most of the guys do so), after qualifying your module D, start doing Article ship, thats it, dont go to backdoors like AAT


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- asrar - 07-19-2003

well there is another way you can cope up with ur C.A .You can do CA VIA another route and that's ACCA/CAT route .CAT will clear you fundamental problems regarding accounting which is equivalent to here in pakistan. 1 year for CAT. 2 years for ACCA and then 3 years for CA .CAT will exept part1 of ACCA and ACCA will exepmt your 4 out of 6 modules of CA .Rest of the things depends on you .I've just shown you the other aspect of the field )..
Allah Hafiz,
Asrar (skans).


- Arshid Khan - 07-20-2003

I don’t agree with you S M R AAT is a best qulifation. Actually I agree with sajjad dar. AAT would take 1.5 (one and half) for completion and takes about 2 years. one the base of AAT you can have exemption too but on the base of you cant get exemptions. Actually 1.5 years which you would spend for AAT will give you lot of benefit in CA. Therefore I would say AAT is good qualification rather then

After completion of AAT you need to spend 2 years to get the CA qualifications (work experience too).



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- sumaaan - 07-20-2003

I don't think AAT is offered in Pakistan.

- smraza - 07-20-2003

Dear Arshid Khan,
i never said that he should join CA after doing his BCOM, i asked him to do CA direclty by getting admission in FTFC course. during FTFC he can also do BCOM simultaneously, AAT take 1.5 years and u get ur module A and B exempted, which u can clear through FTFC within one year, so why should he use backdoors for CA ????????????????????????????????????????


- Arshid Khan - 07-20-2003

Dear S M R

Naraz Q hotay ho yar????????????????????????????. i just mean AAT is not backdoor for CA. assume you want to do CA via AAT,

AAT takes 1.5 years

after AAT CA would take 2 years

Total time period for CA= 3.5 years

And now assume as your way

Direct CA would take 6 years

Via CA would take 8 years.(2 years for and 6 years for CA)

Arshid Khan