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Accountant as Muslim,,Moral Ethics - waqar - 10-24-2004 07:37 AM

Well,,I sometimes think about the audit opinion i would have to give during my articles or job,,,will it be fair enough according to findings,or it will be just giving comfort to clint's needs,
will i be enforced to hide the truth?
yes! if looking at current scenario,,,most of the opinions are according to client's choice,whatever the findings says,e.g WAPDA
where lies the Moral Ethics,,,,,and where do we stand as Muslims

Second important thought comes to me,,is the interest!
being an student accountant,,,i feel my mind really works to save and earn even a penny of interest,,,,
will my life be done working out interest! ??

I certainly dont need such moral downfalls!
I want to contribute towards society!