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Crying for help - awais ashfaq - 10-27-2004

Hi ,,,

How are you guys....

I am new to the forum and having few queries...Hope any one will guide me with all his best.
First of all i want to introduce myself as
my name is Muhammad Awais Ashfaq and i belongs to
Vehari.I am giving you a detail
of my educational background.

BCS(3 years) from BZU multan
post graduate diploma in computer sciences(1 year)
diploma in information technology(1 year)
MCSE (Microsoft certified system engineer)
OCP (Oracle certified professional)

As clear from my educational background that i am an
IT professional although i have studied accounting in Bcs but not very much(any way i got 96% in accounting).But now i want to get admission in ACCA from Financial training company(london).As i think that going further in computer education is almost useless because there are
almost same subject which i have already studied.My father is AVP in Habib Bank and he wants me to do ACCA and i am also commited to do it.I know i will be criticized by many forum fellows coz of changing my field but u guys beleive me here is no bright future for computer education and what i have done will be an edge to me of having vast knowlege of IT and Accouning as well.

I want to ask that should i do ACCA or CIMA which one is better.
As ACCA always attracts me because of oxford brooks degree.It does not matter what is the grade of oxford brooks university as in few answers of forum it is written that oxford brooks has low grading ... all matters is having awarded a degree from british university without any time consuming.

Any one having exprience of getting or rejecting admission in London school of Economics...
because other wise else than ACCA or CIMA i would prefer to apply for (Bsc accounting and finance)from LSE..
So any one having any experience please share it with me...

As you all guys r related to accounting(Acca or Cima) so many of u must have experiece for trying to complete or start ACCA or CIMA from abroad specially England.So what would be possible answers to visa officer if he ask me that why you r joining acca or cima instead of computing field.More over i heared a gossip lots of times that normally acca candidates for visa are rejected because visa officer normally use to say that ACCA is widely available in pakistan(not in case of Cima)
Please answer it in light of your experience..

waiting waiting & waiting