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What is CDMA - smraza - 10-30-2004

Everybody had instaphone connections in our office, but now due to office policy they have switched over to Ufone, except me, now i was planning to change the connections then i called instaphone office just to ask why i should i keep the instaphone connection, the instaphone personnel told me that they are launching CDMA technology soon, which is better than the GSM and TDMA or AMS technology,
does any member have idea about CDMA????


- Apocalypse - 10-31-2004

I dont know much but CDMA is used in USA for communication and it is very cost effective in terms of all services like Internet etc..

and mobile sets for these type of connections are also very advanced

- CBPian - 10-31-2004

CDMA is an alternative technology to GSM. Although used in USA and a few notable countries, it is essentially an old technology. Further, due to limited world coverage (aparently non-existent in Europe), it has not reached the level of acceptability enjoyed by GSM and accordingly country-specific. As far as future migration to 3G services is concerned (voice/data/realtime conferencing etc.), it is an expensive way to achieve that considering that GSM has a clear path to 3G via another standard (WCDMA - not be confused with CDMA).
As I see in Pakistani market, Ufone and Mobilink have used the GSM path, they appear to have offered the GPRS which is the intervening technology towards full fledged 3G services. Meanwhile Paktel has migrated to GSM and will aparently follow the same path. Instaphone, it appears will stick to CDMA due to coverage and cost issues until it too migrates to GSM. My advice is to base your decisions purely on cost though I fear CDMA sets may not be as fancy as GSM.

- smraza - 10-31-2004

it means, CDMA is better than the GSM as far as cost is concerned....
but what about the service, as i found the service and connectivity of insta much better than mobilink. but in late night sometimes you consider yourself the most lukiest person if your are able to talk to someone through insta.
now talk about the sets, i m not that show off to carry smart and small size sets,
i have been using Nokia 6120 from 1999, before that i had ericsson 338, and before that motorolla (the huge set, for which you have to hire a mazdoor to carry that)
currently i m using Nokia 8260 (for about more than 2 years),
i usually dont change the sets until i have no other option.
I am just concerned with the service of CDMA.


- Apocalypse - 11-01-2004

If you take my advise then continue using instaphone because two new services will enter the scenario within 5 to 6 months

Nortel (Norway)

Warid Telecom (UAE)

maybe they will be better than Ufone and Mobilink (not to forget Paktel)

So it will be better to wait and see

- Ehrar_ACMA - 11-02-2004

HI Freinds


I would like to add some thing for u plz...

Actually, Wireless(Mobile) phone networks are either analog or digital. There are 3 competing digital networks in use normally TDMA, CDMA, and GSM and one analog AMPS..ok

The standard analog format used by traditional cell phones is AMPSAMPS stands for Advanced Mobile Phone Service. AMPS is the standard format for analog cellular phone services


TDMA stands for Time Division Multiple Access. TDMA operates by transmitting signals only at certain intervals, allowing several phones to use the same frequency simultaneously.


CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. CDMA sends signals in a series of 'packets', each with its own encrypted code. When the packets are received, they are reassembled back into a continuous signal.


GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. GSM operates similar to TDMA and is the standard format used throughout most of the world due to less costly then TDMA.

CDMA is better than GSM but it depends on the frequency higher the fre as per usage date will flow easily without break & vice versa.

But stil I do agree with Apocalypse wait as ufone as reduced connection up to Rs 200 plus sms...becoz it is expected that new company will float connection freely as a intruductory with better tech. & services over mobilink & u fone..but it doesn't mean u have to wait for free chance...but u ve to wait for the response of the ppl that has used the new services....


Kh. Ehrar Ul Hasan
APA,ACMA,CIA(Usa),MA(Eco),CIMA(Inter),IBP-Stage-I (Only Sky is the limit.$$$.....

- Asif_ghat - 12-08-2004

well CDMA technology has been widely used in india over the last two yrs.. i dunno bout its implications in pak but here it's widely believed to revolutionise the way the world communicates.. it's considered to be a much better technology than GSM and have voice, data and high speed internet connectivity on ur CDMA handset.. here in india Reliance is the largest CDMA service provider and it gives wireless internet access by connecting ur handset to ur laptop.. it's supposed to be a much better tech than GSM..
allah hafiz,
asif ghatala

You can if u think u can!

- smraza - 12-08-2004

Thanks everybody


- ca - 12-14-2004