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"KNOWLEDGE" and "INTELLECT" - TheOne - 06-28-2003

Babul-Ilm said "The intellect will never harm its owner. But Knowledge without any intellect will harm its owner".

Now let's please evaluate our 'Knowledge' and 'Intellect' in the global situation and let's evaluate how many of us has got 'Intellect' in addition to our professional 'Knowledge'????

If there was any sort of (Third Party) VIVA exam. prevailed at ICAP, then I doubt that there could be Sooooooooo many Chartered Accountants as they are 'growing' now a days... Sooooooo fastly!!!!!
full of knowledge..... but with NO INTELLECT.....

Any comment from any learned one???

- n/a1 - 07-19-2003

Ahhhhh my friend.

I think that intellect without qualification is more regrettable. I can make some comments but first of all I'll have to know about your qualification. It appears that writer of the topic has some regrets on his part. Lets see if you are educated enough not to regret your apparent intellect.

An admirer of yours.