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BACK OFFICE ACCOUNTING - idreesdurrani - 11-12-2004


WHAT IS BACK OFFICE ACCOUNTING?? IS IT CURRENTLY USED IN PAKISTAN? WHAT R ITS PROSPECTS?<font face='Book Antiqua'></font id='Book Antiqua'><font size=6></font id=size6><font color=navy></font id=navy>

O Lord! Increase me in knowledge...Ameen!

- SalmanShehzad - 11-16-2004

Dear Idreesdurrani
How r u doing. I just searched on net for this and what I found is that Back office accounting term refer that if your company out source the companies accounting to some other firm is known as back office accounting. And I know of few US companies for which the accounting and financial data and reports are out sourced to companies working in Pakistan. And I know one of Pakistani companies too who had out sourced their accounting to other firms.
This is what I know about it but I think the senior people would be able to comment on it.

Thanks and Regards

Salman Shehzad
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Islamabad Campus.
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- Mr. Whappaaaa - 11-16-2004


i think back office accounting term refers to the SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS that means if a company has no any specialized staff in preparing financial statments,budgets,complex transactions, and so on then company outsource their activities to service organizations normaly this is done in an SME's where accountants and other expertise are not available to make income statements, bal. sheet etc. hence small enterprice have to outsource their accounts, finance activities. KHANANI & KALIA is a good example in pakistan.

(if i am wrong then plz correct me)


- idreesdurrani - 11-19-2004

Dear Salman & Asif,

Thanx a lot for ur replies.EID Mubaarak (GUZASHTA) to u.

Well i'm not tooo sure abt the answers. what i know abt the topic is that the concept of back office accounting is very popular in india and recently i cam across an advertisement from Pakistan Software Edport Board requiring such professionals unfortunately i lost that ad.. i have also heard that FRSH is hiring professionals equipped with training/qualifications etc. in Back office Accounting... don't know more than that...well i'm searching for it... thanx again for ur prompt responses.<font face='Book Antiqua'></font id='Book Antiqua'><font size=5></font id=size5><font color=brown></font id=brown><font color=beige></font id=beige><font color=blue></font id=blue><font color=beige></font id=beige><font color=brown></font id=brown>

O Lord! Increase me in knowledge...Ameen!