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ICAP discloses marks from March 2005 attempt - Ice_Blue - 11-13-2004


From one of my teachers i have come to know that ICAP is disclosing marks obtained by students(in each of the papers) from March 2005 attempt(Spring 2005 9th MFC). The marks would be printed on the grade sheets.

If the senior members asnwer the follow questions briefly, it would greatly serve the interest of the junior students.

1. What are the implications of this policy ?
2. Does getting below average marks(but still passing all the papers) matters?
3. What are you suggestions for the junior students, keeping in view the changed policy?

I hope our seniors would take a few minutes from their valuable time to answer these questions.

Yours obediently,

Ice Blue

- Pracs - 11-14-2004

It doesn't make a difference in ACCA,.. since there is no such thing as an official trascript,.. you simply use the memership certifiate...!! but nothing can be said about Pakistan,, Employers good start comparing saying .. i don't know.

"Allah does not change the state of people unless they change what is within themselves" Quran 1311

- Sarfaraz - 11-19-2004


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