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United we stand - CSR - 11-18-2004

I am relatively a new member and would like to forward my point of views regarding the accountancy profession in Pakistan
Since I have started my accountancy career I have observed that in Pakistan more attention is paid to respective professional bodies ignoring the accountancy profession as whole I mean all the qualified people are trying to portrays their respective qualification as the best be it C.A, ACCA, CIMA or ICMAP
In my opinion we should accept each other as capable professionals and move on for the betterment of the Pakistan and the profession.

What do you say???

Finance rocks

- Sarfaraz - 11-18-2004

Aslam u alaikum
Yaar ur thoughts are good but we are recognised by our qualifictions in job market.

Any how u r right; bisconni rite sub ka equal rite Wink

There is a will. There is a way.

- farazthegreat - 11-18-2004

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In my opinion we should accept each other as capable professionals and move on for the betterment of the Pakistan and the profession.

What do you say???

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Wow, an accounting utopia.

While we're at it, why not we put an end to religious prejudice, racism and class disctinctions in the society.

Ahhhh..... dreams are nice, eh?

The facts expressed here belong to everybody, the opinions to me. The distinction is yours to draw...

- Pracs - 11-18-2004

Well dear since you are just in to the profession, there is more to it than just 'qualification discrimination' in time you will find somethng called 'batch fellows', 'firm fellows' 'Big 4' and so on. You will favour and prefer accountants from your batch, followed by the firm you went to and so on, qualification may not be all that of a hoopla (if these threads have given you the impression, its wrong because there are a lot of people with their opinions who have yet to step into real life - which is Post Qualification, really)Qualification is just one factor.

The next few years' will see a minimsation on the qualification doscrimination front,.. since most qualified accountants will be members of more than one professional body.

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- the_farhan - 11-18-2004

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salaam all,

i agree with CSR, i ve always advocated the same point. v shud respect other accountancy qualifications.

well mr. Pracs, u ve revealed something really shocking, at least for me. neway, let us hope tht all gets well.
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live, n let live ...

- CSR - 11-18-2004

to be honest i am also very shocked if accountants are professional observing high standards of integrity & honesty why cant they observe things in their real life
I guess its like saying every audit report will be qualified now and no one can do anything about it
I thought accountancy profession is a model profession for the business community but like me friends its all a dream but i tell you one that it is the dream which gives life color and hope and if you are not man enough to persue your dreams then just be part of the nightmare thats the easy way out....

Finance rocks