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Need Guidance - Cancerian - 11-18-2004

Asslam o Alaekum to Seniors,

I have failed 4 Times in the paper is Introduction to Economics and finance of Module-A. I do not know why. I could not attend the classes due to some reasons.

I shall be very thank ful to you for guidance. I am consulting Books of PBP, Khwaja Nizam-u-Din, and M. Saeed Nasir.

I have only 3 months please i need guidance.


- Sarfaraz - 11-18-2004

Aslam u alaikum
Yar concentrate on your concepts rather on ratta oks.
chalte phirte zehan main socha karo ke uss ka kia matlab hai; aik waqt ayee ga ke poore ecnomist ban jao gee...... kissi se baat shroo karo ge to pehlee baat budget ki karo gee........
baqi ALLAH behter kare ga
INSHALLAH hamari duain aap ke saath hain
best of luck

There is a will. There is a way.

- mohdrafay - 11-19-2004


What is the next step to do after completeing ACCA..
Is ACCA the first step towards CA..
pls answer!


- Cancerian - 11-21-2004

Asslam o Alaekum

Can any one provide me notes on Macro Economics (Module-A of CA). I shall be very thankfkul for the favour.

Looking for a kind reply.


- bilal azhar - 11-22-2004

Asslam o Alaeku.

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