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What exactly is modular approach of exams? - Cricketer - 10-26-2002

Although i have read the yellow book of ICAP, but i still am not too clear about this new system of exams.

Is it going to be like ACCA papers where if u clear a paper u dont have to give it again? I have heard from a few ppl that over here, one will have to get atleast D grades in all the rest of the papers.

Is that so? Can somebody please clarify?

- emmad - 11-30-2002

Well ICAP's new Modular system is easy to understand. If a student gets one referal and pass in other papers, he will be awarded permanent credits in the papers in which he has passed. So He does not have to take those papers ever again. The rule is same for two refers, the only difference is that he will not be able to attempt the higher module to the one he has already appeared. However, If a student fails even in one paper he has to take the whole module again. There it is very absurd that a person with two refers get one permanent credit but a person with one D or E is to take all the papers even if he has passed them apart from the one in which he has failed. If a student fails in Module'B' as a whole or in IT-1 paper he will also have to take CCPT again.

Hope this will help out.

Muhammad Emmad Ul Haq
CA student Lahore EC

Haq is great