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New Education Policy of ICAP - irfanahmedmeer - 11-27-2004

Council of ICAP has just approved a new Education policy I had the opportinuity to go through them. They disscuss pretty good things (If implemented in the right way) Howver one thing I have noted that they contain a term that in case a student's evaluation is not satisfactory for 3 consecutive times the principal will have a right to terminate the contract of that trainee with no appeal process identified for student.

The situation will be the principal will himself will be doing the evaluations and have absolute right terminate a trainee.

This I think does not go in favour of CA students


- Sarfaraz - 11-28-2004

ALLAH khair hi kare

There is a will. There is a way.

- Pracs - 11-29-2004

It does bring the policy in line with training contracts in the UK, where the employer / trainer can throw you out if you do not perform to an average criteria for the least. The world is getting competitive by the day, however, I don't think it will have a practical effect on 'articles' as yet.. Even in the case of an average performer the firms have spent too much time on the student to train him/her. Ofcourse unserious and unresponsible louts were given the boot previously too (NOC). So chill out guys

"Allah does not change the state of people unless they change what is within themselves" Quran 1311

- maani - 11-29-2004

so we have to face more tough times