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what PIPFA is all about? - rana - 11-30-2004

i wanna ask that what PIPFA is all about and what are the uses of this
course?either it is DIPLOMA or DEGREE?on what groundz it is required for?


- label - 11-30-2004

You may find this link useful

See Ya

- rana - 12-01-2004

thanks for the WEB u sent.actually iam doing
so i wanna take advice from all u guyz that.....
would it be better to do the PIPFA or CA?.......OR
should i do practice by joining any firm?and plzzzzz
how long the duration of PIPFA and CA would be as considering
my degree?i really don know what to do plzzzzz?
guide me what path should i take??????


- label - 12-01-2004

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and plzzzzz
how long the duration of PIPFA and CA would be as considering
my degree?i really don know what to do plzzzzz?
guide me what path should i take??????

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The link provides the info re exemptions based on previous qualifications!

See Ya

- rana - 12-01-2004

thanks once again ....... dear libe
iam looking forward for other suggestions.


- ali4u3 - 12-01-2004

hi contact me 0300-9291241
i'll guide u bcz i m a PIPFA qualified

Never seek advice from a Chartered Accountant. They are trained to find problems not solutions.

- maani - 12-01-2004

never join PIPFA...u should opt for CA of ACCA


- Ehrar_ACMA - 12-21-2004

Hi Friends

Mr Rana I do try to guide u exactly..

I m an Associate member of PIPFA. I have been teaching to PIPFA students in a recognized Business school of PIPFA "The Education City"....

Without doing favor. The truth is PIPFA IS A CERTIFICATION COURSE Niether it is degree nor equvalent to Graduation in Pakistan..It can be used as a short cut for CA & ICMAP, CIMA, ACCA for inter completed stuednts..After doing PIPFA no one can guarantee u can get good JOb ..Rightnow there is no full flash market as such for PIPFA candidates..It can only be used as a short cut as i told u earlier..

Further What I suggest to PIFA students Do ur plus PIPFA...If u wanna do ACA or ACMA or any other qualifcation it will provide u strong foundation in ur studies..Let see How

If we compare B.COm & PIPFA qualifed students. The latter will be more sound/confident in knowledge. It is mistake of our education system even though syllabus has revised but still u get the degree but u do not get the knowledge that u need to face any Professinal qualifcation of Pakistan.....

If u take admission in B.Com from supose from january session, I recommend to get admission in PIPFA & Do foudnatin the end of MAy of the same year u would have finished foundation where u have not only covered approx all core B.COm-I papres but u will have professinal growth& knowledge. Then after during OCtober Internedaite papers would have finished ...that covers approx all papers of B.COm-II as well...Doing studies in PIPFA (To cover syllabus also)is better then to go for tuition in any non-profeesional/traditional system of past papers/meigs & meigs/.and any Pakistani books.

Now during nov & part of dec u can manage B.COm papers...& I am sure the period is enough for u to prepare for the papers of B.COm becoz in PIPFA if u have done serious studies u would have learnt all the topics with grip & confidence...then after u may attempt final exams during Bcom -II.........

Definetly it is not so easy but one have to do it for professinal growth ..........let see after pipfa plus B.COM

Exemptins in F_I & II of ICMAP
Exemption in Module A & B of CA & u may choose from C with correspondese
Three papres exempt in ACCA & CIMA

If i summarize..
It is a short cut plus provide u foundation/personal grooming in proffessinoal accountancy.....

One may Put question Why should not go for CA plus
My dear Module A & B i think difficult to clear then PIPFA... it is slightly easy to pass...& it does not waste ur time A & B takes One year with uncertainity while PIPFA takes 1-1/2 yrs with lower risk.....

If some has confident then go directly for CA......its more good way..........


Kh. Ehrar Ul Hasan
APA,ACMA,CIA(Usa),MA(Eco),CIMA(Inter),IBP-Stage-I & II (Only Sky is the limit.$$$.....)

- Mahtab - 06-04-2005

Thankyou Ehrar for this valuable Post