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Can anyone tell me about Peach Tree Accounting - rana - 12-01-2004

i wanna to know about PEACH TREE ACCOUNTING.
can any body tell me about this one?which
centers are currently running especially for this purposes?
and what is the advantage of its valuation?how much time
it will take to complete?


- maani - 12-01-2004

its an accounting software...thatz the answer of 1st part of ur query...
dear what u asked further is unclear...plz make some more specifications


- rana - 12-01-2004

thanks maani for giving me knowledge about PTA.
hhmmm..........actually going through news paper
few dayz beore, i found job vacancy required PEACH TREE ACCOUNTING.
from that,i might be any package or
cetificate course.but .... now i got relief.BTW do u
know about SAS?what is that?plzzzz tell me if u can?.
thanks once again


- Mahtab - 12-04-2004

SAS is Accounting Course for Govt.Employees commanly for Auditor Genral of Pakistan's Employees but it should be replaced by PIPFA (Govt.Sector Course) soon as passed by AGP and respective authorities

- sohana - 12-05-2004


- Mahtab - 06-16-2005

Peach tree Accounting is Part of Syllabus of Paper MIS of
Foundation 2 of ICMAP