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TOP SECRET for CA's - Muhammad Adnan Arshad - 12-02-2004

Dear Fellows-
I don't believe that this book is better than that one. However, the quality material is not considered here. But some authors take a comprehensive approach in writing the books and consequently there books earn fame. It is all upon the perception level of the students for understanding a particular text.
The purpose of this discussion is that I want to tell you people the best book for the preparation of Mercantile Law paper. Because, it is one the most referred papers by ICAP.i.e;

MERCANTILE LAW by M.C.Kucchell (Lecturer in Law, Shri Raam College, Kalkotta)

This is not the recommended book of ICAP because paper setter prepares the question paper almost 95% from this book, even the illustrations/case-studies.

<"A realm of control">

- bilal azhar - 12-03-2004

asslam o alikum Adnan could u please tell me the secret for IT2 of module D.


- maani - 12-04-2004

yup this book is really great....


- Muhammad Adnan Arshad - 12-04-2004

hello secret-wanderers
when I will INSHA-ALLAH pass the CA-Intermediate examination, I'll promise you that I'll tell/recommend you even the best book for the paper E-14 Information Technology, Management, Audit & Control.

<"A realm of control">

- sohana - 12-04-2004

ya shahrukh n preety is looking great in this book wowwwwwwwwwww

- sohana - 12-05-2004

i know my brain screws r little bit loose no lot little bit but too much
sorry sorry bye

- syedhassan - 12-05-2004

its ok...
but you got to control your mind and the screws...
but, dont mind...