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Career outside PAKISTAN - iqbalabid - 10-31-2002

I think very few people in Pakistan wants to live in country for lot of reasons.


- Iqbal Surti - 11-01-2002

As long as there are many good reasons to leave Pakistan, it is equaly true that there are many good reasons to stay in pakistan.

I think it depends on your circumstances, Our main desire must be to serve our country whether living abroad or in Pakistan. As long as we so desires we can proudly call ourselves as Pakistani and the desire to leave of almost all Pakistanis doesnt matter.

- Sameer - 11-03-2002

Except for the middle east and few other places, a simple pakistani chartered accountant doesnt stand a chance unless he has some foreign qualification with him.

So unless one is planning for middle east, one should stay here in pakistan. The economy is showing signs of improvment, so new and good opportunities also will eventually open up here in good 'ol pakiland.

RE: Career outside PAKISTAN - kuku202 - 02-07-2015

Maybe its just another myth/hoax like Y2K which sure got the whole world watching and worrying about, but in the end, no diasters struck and it just fizzled out.