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Here's a case for 'wise' manager? Anyone around? - IceAxe - 12-18-2004 07:11 AM

You have established a training arm within the community center in order to secure a pot of money frm the LEARNING AND SKILLS COUNCIL to fund a training prog. over one year to find qualifications and employment for 30 lighthouse keepers.
All training will b delivered from ur training premises in Huddersfield (UK).
And ur revenue will be generated frm fees claimed retrospectively frm LSC 40% per trainee 30%full qualification and 30% per full time employment. You may also charge employer placements on outgoing £40 per week for the services of the trainee n ur support.
Your outcome target is 27 trainees attaining guild certificate, 15 trainees into full time employment.
Now the question is

1.What will be ur main duties as a training provider?
2. wt funct. should b in ur place to meet ur contracted outcomes?
3. wt activities will maximise ur profitability?
4. wt must b done to meet ur contractual requirements?
5. how differnt is the rest of the work in the centre compared to the training arm?

My Destiny is within My Hands!!!

- IceAxe - 12-20-2004 12:15 AM

So u all guys have nothing to say or lacking the courage to pick up the case?
My goodness...

My Destiny is within My Hands!!!