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Salam - Shahid_fss - 12-28-2004

I am Shahid Khan (19 yrs) and I am currently a student of B. Comm II. My village is Azad Kashmir and ... I thing its brief intro.
Hey I have put a topic in technologies section. Please see if you can guid me.
Your new friend.
Shahid Khan.

Research is the heart of learning

- Azeem Shah Khan - 12-28-2004

welcome shahid!!!

"You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now."

- n/a6 - 12-29-2004

A heartly welcome to u SHAHID.....

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- maani - 12-29-2004



- Pracs - 12-30-2004

Wel come on board shahid,. we not only have members from different corners of the world.. but also from the length and breadth of Pakistan.

It must be lovely in Azad Kashmir this time of the year... !

"Allah does not change the state of people unless they change what is within themselves" Quran 1311

- n/a5 - 01-06-2005

its nice to see any 1 from azad kashmir )
wellcome you to this forum

HEART BEATS ( try try again )

- yasirpervaiz - 01-12-2005

Assalam o Alaikum ,
Greetings Earthling !!!!
In our world , u 'll really feel as if it were ur own .....
Plz Do enjoy ur stay here..... )