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What is CIMA........? - waqas - 07-14-2003

i want some information about CIMA..What is CIMA.. What is the minimum requirement..Institutes..etc etc

waqas khalique

- sajjad_dar2000 - 07-15-2003

Aslam O alikam, Waqar

CIMA (Charterd Institute Of Management Accounting) is costing and Management based qulification. Minimum requirment for CIMA is to have a Degree lik, BA etc.

AAT (Assiciation of Accounting Techinician) is a best qulification before go in CIMA course. on the base of AAT qulification you can have the whole CIMA's Part one exemption as well.

Minimum requirment for AAT is FA, Fsc or etc.