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Run flow chart - bilal azhar - 01-27-2005

Can some body tell me what is a "run flow chart" and what are the types of flow chart and softwares used to draw flow chart.


- farazthegreat - 01-27-2005

A flow chart is a visual representation of any process. It consists of special symbols and gives the sequence of different parts of the process. You can create flow charts on MS Word, but if you want to make really professional looking charts then you can use special software.

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- bilal azhar - 01-27-2005

Faraz, i also know what is flow chart.THere are basically three types of flow chart by the name system flow charts,program flow charts and run flow chart.
i have studied all the books but could not find run flow chart.If any of the forum member is a module D student he would know that it is given in icaps syllubus contents of IT.


- Desert Sleet - 01-28-2005

Flowcharting is a tool for analysing processes. It allows you to break any process down into individual events or activities and to display these in shorthand form showing the logical relationships between them. Constructing flowcharts promotes better understanding of processes, and better understanding of processes is a pre-requisite for improvement.
In simple terms
A flowchart is a graphic representation of how a process works, showing, at a minimum, the sequence of steps.
Types of Flowcharts
There are four basic types of flowcharts Basic, Process, Deployment, and Opportunity.
1.Basic flowcharts-- quickly identify all the major steps in a process. They are used to orient a team with the major steps by just giving a broad overview of the process.
2.Process flowcharts examine the process in great detail. They provide a comprehensive listing of all the major and sub-steps in a process.
3.Deployment flowcharts are similar to Process flowcharts in that they are very detailed but also indicate the people who are involved in the process. This could be very useful when the process involves cooperation between functional areas.
4.Opportunity flowcharts highlight decision step and check point. They are used for very complicated processes because they highlight specific opportunities for improvement.

There are no hard and fast rules for constructing flowcharts, but there are guidelines which are useful to bear in mind.
Here are six steps which can be used as a guide for completing flowcharts.

1. describe the process to be charted (this is a one-line statement such as, "How to fill the car's petrol tank")
2. start with a 'trigger' event
3.note each successive action concisely and clearly
4. go with the main flow (put extra detail in other charts)
5.make cross references to supporting information
6. follow the process through to a useful conclusion (end at a 'target' point)

It is not strictly necessary to use boxes, circles, diamonds or other such symbols to construct a flowchart, but these do help to describe the types of events in the chart more clearly. Described below are a set of standard symbols which are applicable to most situations without being overly complex.

Rounded box - use it to represent an event which occurs automatically. Such an event will trigger a subsequent action, for example `receive telephone call’, or describe a new state of affairs.

Rectangle or box - use it to represent an event which is controlled within the process. Typically this will be a step or action which is taken. In most flowcharts this will be the most frequently used symbol.

Diamond - use it to represent a decision point in the process. Typically, the statement in the symbol will require a `yes' or `no' response and branch to different parts of the flowchart accordingly.

Circle - use it to represent a point at which the flowchart connects with another process. The name or reference for the other process should appear within the symbol.


Flowcharts for quality improvement should always reflect the actual process, not the ideal process. A flowchart must reflect what really happens.

Involve people who know the process, either while developing the flowchart or as reviewers when the chart has been completed.

Be sure that the flowchart really focuses on the identified problem.

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- bilal azhar - 01-28-2005

Desert sleet thank you for this information but my question is still question is "what is a run flow chart".
I know a little bit of it but not sure it is guess is that "algorithm of a subroutine is called run flow chart".
Can any of the member confirm this.i am sure a module D student knows this.


- bilal azhar - 01-30-2005

It is very surprising to see that no body know this term.
ok can some body tell me 4or 5 differences between flow chart and data flow diagram.


- jbladeus - 02-04-2005

If i am not mistaken, run flow chart is another name of process flow chart.

DFD is a type of entity-relationship diagram which shows processes, sub-processes and their relationships to other processes ans sub-processes through the flow of data between them.

- CBPian - 02-05-2005

I think a run flowchart refers to a software run flowchart where the whole algorithm of a program is charted including input, output, and various stages of data entry including feedback mechanism.


- junaid375 - 02-23-2005

when dealing with DFDs, u hav to restrict ur self to the pre-defined for showin datastore,process,external entity etc
u hav to decide, to which level od detail you want to go. Thatswhy we hav DFD-0 (basic diagram just like Context model diagram),DFD-1 to DFD-n.
Use Microsoft VISIO 2003. it is the best software available for beginners.
flowcharts can be made easily in it.
and yes,still dont get it"run flow charts" didnt abt it.
is this related to Process Modelling ?

- bilal azhar - 02-26-2005

AFter studying quite a few books it is astonishing to know that the word "run flow chart" is not given in any book although it is in the icap prescribed syllubus.

However i am 70-80% sure that run flow chart is basically a micro flow chart which is evolved from program flow chart just like program flow chart is evolved from system flow chart.

For example lets suppose there is a sentence in the process symbol of the program flow chart with the word "compute the amount owed by the customer".now how this amount is calculated,for this a small micro flow chart will be drawn which will calculates the amount by multiplying the required data etc.THis chart is called run flow chart.

if any of the forum member knows the exact definition of the run flow chart then please tell us or if any member disagree with my concept of run flow chart then please dont hesitate to tell me.


- bilal azhar - 03-16-2005

finally i got the exact it is

"A runflow chart shows relationship between computer routines including input,transaction file,master file and output."<b></b>