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Landed in Pakistan - Desert Sleet - 03-04-2005

During my stay in United Kingdom, the whole world opened for me. With my training and qualifications, job offers from all nooks and crannies came to me. The temptation to stay and make a career in the UK, as was becoming fashionable at that time, was very great particularly since all my attempts at securing a suitable position at home did not meet with any measure of success. However, I never had any serious thoughts about not going back home. First, I knew and felt that my country needed me more than the developed countries like the UK. I also knew that in my country I would be a first class citizen and be more relevant.

4-5 weeks back i took the plunge and returned home without any job offers, determined to find work. My gamble paid off because our dynamic military ruler is an avid newspaper reader who saw a satirical article about me in a newspaper describing me as a man over-qualified to be employed. Employment came a few days later. It is very unlikely that the President of the UK would be in a position to invite me in such circumstances and offer me a job if I was still in the UK. This immediately justified one of the reasons I insisted on coming back home despite the fact that jobs and life were rosier abroad.

Having arrived home, the first shock was the paucity of the salary and the backwardness of the infrastructure and quality of living. I found I was over qualified for the job I was offered and my expereince was too high-powered for the kind of funds available. However, I decided to put in to use whatever part of my training was applicable rather than continuing my research into political sciences. I probably might have broken the atom [)] if I remained in the UK (chance almost nil) but I doubt if my work would have touched so many lives! I am also, building on experience gained from the UK, planning to set up a factory in Lahore and for it i have even purchased the land in the Industrial Estate.

Although one cannot stop human migration (which in fact might be beneficial to the human race), my advice to those who go abroad for training is that they should as much as possible, return and help develop their country. In so doing they will develop themselves, and with their skills, amass fame and perhaps fortune far in excess of what they may achieve abroad. The initial advantage of a settled life abroad will be overtaken by the fact that in the end people tend to achieve greater height at home than abroad. Returning home by a good majority of those who go abroad to study has one added advantage of allowing others to have the same opportunity. Right now this is not so because the foreign embassies now tend to refuse Visas to young people going abroad to study for fear they might not return.

If I could... Then I would... Turn back time!!

- syedhassan - 03-05-2005

hello sleet...
i also have a similar openion for this...
i'm even one of those, who prefer to move back to middle east, as my family is still there and life is much easy there than our MOTHER LAND PAKISTAN
to earn some experience etc.. and THEN, RETURN BACK HOME...
i know is a bit different world now in here..
but GETTING A DREAM JOB and EARN FOR YOUR STRUGGLE is still far from easy.


- Pracs - 03-18-2005

All the best Desert Sleet, Pakistan has new opportunites opening up. I am just a bit confused I thought you were an accountant, what's this about political science ?

"Allah does not change the state of people unless they change what is within themselves" Quran 1311

- Desert Sleet - 03-19-2005

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Pracs</i>
<br />All the best Desert Sleet, Pakistan has new opportunites opening up. I am just a bit confused I thought you were an accountant, what's this about political science ?

"Allah does not change the state of people unless they change what is within themselves" Quran 1311
<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">I may be many things, and some of them not so flattering, but one thing. Alongside having some qualifications in Accountancy, I have a doctorate in English, and have held professional positions all my like and started a good number of businesses, have a wife and children, and live in the suburbs, and have a cat [)]. I write a lot, and have published a lot of letters to the editors. But I'm not important. What I say is. And the things I say, and have to say, are in the thousands not just the few threads I have posted here.

One soul asked, where does he come up with stuff like that? I could answer that I have a high IQ, or that I am highly educated, or that I simply was taught to question everything, especially the cant of the majority view on things. I don't accept any of the standard issue crap that is dished out by Academia, The Elite Media, PC thinking, whether of the Left or Right. If everyone is going around salivating as to how we should dump a few billions into the teeming mess in the Indian Ocean, I question whether we should be sending one dime.

Then i started my research in politics. UK politics isn't purely technocratic, so my degree isn't so important in the sense of it's qualification. It's the knowledge I bring to the table with it thats important, the international relations in particular. I'm going to be specialising in middle-eastern and central asian politics, most likely, because I feel thats where the focus is going to be. however, i am tempted to focus on China, it really is a sleeping giant and frankly, if I get a job as a diplomat I'd rather be in Beijing than Tehran. I'm just having a little problem with the language. I began learning Japanese a few years back which was comparatively easy compared to either Mandarin or Cantonese. I'll have to wait till I finish my research and focus on language, rather than doing both.

When The Going Gets Tough ... The Tough Gets Going ...

- Pracs - 03-28-2005

Can't Help not saying that I am impressed with you DESERT SLEET,.. It would really be nice to meet you some day. Just one more question, (I hope you would not mind another one from some one in awe!) are you an Accountant turned, Academian or the other way round.

Yes China is all about the future or is the futre all about China ! Yes Mandarian is said to be one of the most difficult or should I say linguistically challanging to learn. So DS you are not only a man of many talents but a man of many languages as well. Kudos !

Just to let you in a little secret, some day I plan to purse my studies in literature and political science, two passions that have been rather consumed by accountancy ... for the want of bread ,, livelihood.. know what I mean !

"Allah does not change the state of people unless they change what is within themselves" Quran 1311

- Sahar_M - 04-12-2005



- - 04-28-2005

Assalam u Alikum.
So sorry to hear from all, whats wrong if Pakistan is not paying you back what you want, are we educated that much because we have to serve others, if we keep on doing like this one day our country will be vanished from the crust of the world. Pakistan is our identity but unfortunately we dont get it. Just for once see what Indian people are doing they are struggling so much that i think one day they will get what they want, just for an example the call centre of Telstra (Australia) is in India, so if u have any query in Australia u call india for the thing, why cant we do that.

Think brothers, Think

Regards to all

- Pracs - 05-01-2005

fnahmed, I think you need to look more into the Inian call centre success. A majority of the enterpenuers who are in the business are non resident Indians (American nationals) who made it big. I think you need to re think on those lines. I see a lot of Overseas Pakistanis pitching in improving the economic scenario itself. This is especially true for the various back office of Pakistani American - software houses operating out of Pakistan.

There is nothing wrong with our country, the only difference between us and the Indians is that we are open about all the problems in our country. I think that may be a positive, too. Since it gives us more room to improve.

I think there is atleast one listed company in Pakistan that is going big time on call centre businesses in Pakistan. A lot of other companies are cropping up too.