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Join beta testing for Accounting/ERP/CRM solution - jenny.c - 03-31-2005

Join beta testing for Accounting/ERP/CRM solution developed with .NET


We invite small business and home office business owners/managers (and vertical market developers) to try out our Accounting/ERP/CRM solution in its 3.1 beta testing phase.

Interprise Suite is the first of its kind to bring the power of web services and smart client technology to small and mid-sized businesses. Fully integrated accounting and business solution. With hundreds of time saving features. Comes with FREE 3 User Version on final release!

You may sign-up and learn more at

Interprise Solutions

- jenny.c - 06-10-2005

Beta 4.0 is now released.

We welcome everyone to join the program and be our partner in developing Interprise Suite into a complete solution for your business needs.

Interprise Solutions

- ahmedpk - 07-02-2005

Dear Poster Genny.c i want to join but in ur web site there is a problem saying Invalic Product code if u r giving training in Pakistan
I live in Karachi my Mobile no is 0300-2511279 plz contact me i m serious

- jenny.c - 07-05-2005

Dear Ahmed,

Thank you for your interest in the beta program.
Have you tried to create an account (free) at our website? It is required that you create an account to opt in the beta program.

You may start by clicking the link to join the beta program.After reading the details to the beat program, you may click on the button "Click here to join" at the bottom. The Order form for the beta program will appear. You will notice that the the Interprise Suite Beta program is preloaded onto your shopping cart. Before checking out, read on the reminders regarding Interprise Suite’s release dates and pre-release offers. Consider also the notes to the Interprise Suite Beta Program. Upon checking out, you will be brought to the steps in creating an account.

Follow these simple steps

Step 1 Create Account and Register for Beta
Simply fill out the form with all your available information. Click the checkbox after reading the Beta Software Non-Disclosure Agreement and deciding to become a beta test site (member). Click Next to continue.

Step 2 Shipping Method
This step makes it clear to you of any shipping and handling fees from ordering the beta program. Upon approval, you will have the option to download the latest version of Interprise Suite Beta from the link that will be sent to you. Click Next to verify your order.

Step 3 Verify Account Information
You may review your account information and order of the Interprise Suite Beta program. Click Save to continue.

Step 4 View Order
This serves as a receipt for your order however; NO payment is required for the Interprise Suite Beta program. Expect to be contacted shortly by one of our Beta Test Administrators through the contact information you provided. You will be notified through email if you are qualified to beta test.

Ste 5 Check your email
When approved for the beta program, you will be sent an email containing the link to download Interprise Suite. You will also be provided with the user name and password to access the Beta program and begin your testing.

Please note that Interprise Suite Standard Edition (free edition) is expected for final release in the last quarter of this year. The Free Edition will be available for download at our website.

Thank you,


Interprise Solutions

- naam_thegreat - 07-07-2005