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Search engines - bilal azhar - 04-23-2005

off course the two famous search engines are yahoo and i would like to ask some questions about search engines.Anybody who will answer my questions is appreciated in advance.

(1)how to make best use of search engines like google and yahoo.suppose i want to ask question "where is Lahore" or "what is the latest new indian movie released this week" etc.can i ask these questions using search engines.

(2) if i can ask these type of questions then how i should punctuate them.i.e;what commas,?,colons,semicolons etc i would have to use.

(3) how to make best use of signs like +,-,(), in search engines.

(4) which search engine is best for which type of enquiry.

Any other information which would help us in finding the answer of our query more easily would also be appreciated.

i somehow feel that i donot make best use of search engines and donot know how to specify my query.Eagerly waiting for ur replies.


- Shahid_fss - 04-23-2005

Google search engine is the best of all

Go to this link http// and you will find complete and easy help to improve your search.

It contains all your answers including +/- signs and new movies.

Good luck

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