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SOX consulting firms based out of Pakistan - ahmer - 04-26-2005

I am looking for SOX Consulting firms that are based out of Pakistan, but are involved in SOX consulting projects in the US.

Pls contact me at


Ahmer Azam, ACA

- azam - 10-27-2005

Any development???

Ahmer Azam

- azam - 10-30-2005

Does anybody even come to this website?? I have an urgent need that can benefit my home country? P,s advise.


Ahmer Azam

- ina - 10-31-2005

Dear Ahmar,

I beleived website is regularly visited by accountancy professionals.

Please give your question some clear details.

I know some people who are working for big four firms in Pakistan are working in SOX-404 implementation at their MNC clients.

- azam - 11-10-2005

Well thanks for the input... As I mentioned in my earlier email request, I am looking for some Pakistani based Consulting Firm which can provide contract based accountants to do SOX work in the US. I would direct you to an Indian based firm that is called EXL Service which did over $10 MM of SOX business in 2004. Go to


I am hoping that A Pakistani based firm can also tap into this market. I would like to facilitate some business.


Ahmer Azam

- azam - 11-14-2005

Dear Ashfaque

Did you get a chance to see the website


Further to our conversation earlier today, I would recommend that you check this website out as well to understand the SOX opportunity that lays ahead for Pakistani staffed SOX Consulting Firm.

Ahmer Azam