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Lahore institutions' ranking - wasim - 04-30-2005

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- wasim - 04-30-2005

salam to all
which institution is best for all this route
and what is there ranking as number

- noman - 04-30-2005

dont go for best.......go for cheapest..

- kool_Ali1 - 04-30-2005

wasim have u done intermediate and do u think intermediate is necessary before entering into any stream?

- wasim - 05-01-2005

salam to all
i am taking exams of part 2 this year and for ur 2nd quetion it is not necessary to do intermediate but i think it is good and helpful before entering in any stream

- wasim - 05-01-2005

salam to all
anybody who can rank the institutes?

- fahim239 - 05-07-2005

i dont like this ranking business but i would frankly say that
SKANS IS THE BEST for CAT ACCA in Lahore.And then people prefer PAC for CA.i cant say anything about PAC but i personally know about SKANS and i know that SKANS IS THE BEST.


- Sahar_M - 05-09-2005

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i dont exactly know which institute is the best but i hv a list of <b>gud teachers for CAT</b>frm diferent institutes , recomended by a member of the site if any ones intrested here they r

T4 Hafiz Zafar(skans)/ Naveed Ansari(skans)/ Yasir Ali( ascend)

T5 ( this paper is basically u'll find tht in the end uve got to study urself) Miss Saman(SKANS)

T6 Iqbal Safdar(skans)( hv studied from him so hes gud....dont knw bout the other teachers)

T7 Hafiz Zafar(skans)/ Naveed Ansari(skans)/ Yasir Ali( ascend)

T8 Amjad Bhatti/ imran shahzad(skans)

T9 Muqeel, hamid raza( skans)

T10 Zamran Humayun, Yasir Riaz( skans)

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NOTEskans has three set of teachers so try to get the best one.


- noman - 05-10-2005

yaar i am doing CA in pac....i don't think its that much good....
thing depends on the teachers you get............also on the set/combination of teachers.......
i am a little against pac because they charge the highest fees and still there a quite a lot chance that you end up getting bad teachers......
for others one thing good is that at least they don't charge so much fee...
i think for cat/acca you should definitely go for the cheapest one.
i don't know abt CA

- Muhammad Adnan Arshad - 05-12-2005

1-- Professionals’ Academy of Commerce (PAC)
2-S, Gulberg-II
Ph 042-5753213; 5753774, 5877947,
5760097 Fax 5751829

2-- SKANS School of Accountancy, Lahore
3-C-1, Gulberg III
Ph 042-5758510-50-60 Fax 5761540

3-- The University of Lahore (UoL)
47/C-3, Near Govt. College for Women Liberty
Ph 5870645-47, 5711251, 5752822
Fax 5765061

4-- College of Accountancy & Professional Studies (CAPS)
15 Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town
Ph 042-5888081, 5889185 Fax 5888438

5-- Superior College of Accountancy (SCA)
31 Tipu Block, New Garden Town
Ferozepur Road
Ph 042-5832207, 5888596

6-- NIU College of Business Studies & Information Technology
14 Shahrah-e-Aiwan-e-Tijrat
China Chowk
Ph 042-6312148, 6305534-5 Fax 6305535

7-- Eastern College of Accountancy (ECA)
84-L Model Town Ext.
Ph 042-5166203; 5161685
Fax 5161685
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- Sahar_M - 05-16-2005

ALI its beta kay app intermediate kero agar app sure nahi ho wht field u want to go to cos once u step in CA( cat) n dont hv any basic qualification changing ur stream bcomes a ill difficult.

Sahar [|)]

- muhammad awais - 05-16-2005

coool yaar!
parhae to hote hi rahay gi.
just enjoy

- muhammad awais - 05-16-2005


- muhammad awais - 05-16-2005

this is science

- kashif_mukhtar11 - 09-05-2011

Plz mughy btaiya k CA Mod E Reporting ki coaching classes now a days lahore ma kaheen shroo ho rahi hain.Plz contact details bhi de dain.