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entry test / PPT - tooogoood - 05-05-2005

how 2 prepare 4 PPT

- Nauman - 05-05-2005

This was announced in November 2004 last year.


- tooogoood - 05-06-2005

but is se kia difference creat hoa students abhi tak fail hotay hain

- tooogoood - 05-06-2005

is it true ke CA ke students ki sirf 4 to 5 hors ki sleep hoti hai aur wo har waqt parhatay rehtay hain

- tooogoood - 05-06-2005

is it true ke is bar F6 institue ke saray students module a main fail ho gaey

- Nauman - 05-06-2005

No its not, I only study 5 to 6 hours at max daily and mashallah se I have done my foundation in first attempt so far.


- tooogoood - 05-07-2005

aacha tuo mujh ko full information chahiye kia CA rata hai ya conceptual aur baqi detailed information

- muhammad awais - 05-08-2005

yar this is a conceptual study! or jo rata lagatay hain woh 50% score nahi kartay

- muhammad awais - 05-08-2005

yar CA is not much tough

- tooogoood - 05-08-2005

but 50 percent criteria se passing pecentage per kia farq para hai aur yeh ke i wanted to know about entry test criteria .

- noman - 05-08-2005

yaar if you get 60% marks in intermediate(FA FSc) you don't have to give entry test....
about hours in a depends on your stamina and ability to pick up things......i never studied more than 2 hrs but still passed...

the 50% passing criteria is not a sure might think you got 50% but there is no way to be sure if the icap has passed/failed you on basis of 50%....its kind of a unknown thing.....

if you want to enter into CA.....make up your mind to spend a lot of time doing it.....and prepare yourself for failures tooo......some ppl think its easy but if they fail then they are disappointed and leave it.....if you have a tendency to leave things....don't get into it...

- Nauman - 05-09-2005

Very well said Noman couldnt agree more, As Sam says its not how much you study its how you study that matters.


- turithegreat - 05-09-2005

brother This was announced in November 2004 last year...................


- tooogoood - 05-09-2005

thanks noman
but i had 55 percent in fsc pre engineering part 1
abhi is saturday ko part2 ke papers start hain
agar main allah na karray ke 60 percent na le sakoon tuo mujh ko entry test ki preparation kaisay karni hai
aur app yeh bi bata do ke classes kab start hoti hain
and also about the best institute in islamabad 4 CA

- noman - 05-10-2005

the entry test of CA known as PPT is quite a difficult thing....
but actually you can't really prepare for it.....if you know things you will automatically passs......abt preperation......its somewhat like SAT and i heard that a lots of difficult english in it....
my theory is,others may not agree, if you are good enough for the test you don't need much preparation....just a little practice which you may do yourself by buying some books from market....

classes start in september.....but you have to ask colleges.....try to get admission as early as possible........if you really want to do it...get admission quickly...if you make it late you will get less time to prepare....only 3 or a little more months.......