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Chart of Account - RabbitWabbit - 10-30-2014

Dear Friends,

I am working in a Ceramic & Marble Trading company, I want your help in preparing the chart of account. We are importing & selling different kind of Ceramics & Marbles from Egypt, India, Italy, China. Before we used to sell to wholesale and retail customers only now we have started as project base. (We get project to install ceramics n marble in construction projects).

My question is that how to present the above in inventory and revenue side.

Revenue side should it shows as Cash / Credit Sales (that will include all kind of marble and ceramics) and Project Sales.

or Revenue side should shows separately Ceramics, Marble, Sales (country wise).

As on this base the cost of goods sold and inventory will setup in chart of account.

I need to design the chart of account for this kind of business hope you guys have understand my question.

thank you for help.

RE: Chart of Account - mcbs_126 - 02-06-2015

The most easiest way to deal with this issue is to hire a professional to set up chart of account. I advised you to post the same task on
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