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Vouchers and there necessatity. - Faisal79c2 - 05-07-2015


I've a few questions with respect to basic book keeping, just want to clear some concepts.As far as I've understood there are 10 types of vouchers, which includes:
1. Cash Payment Voucher
2. Bank Payment Voucher
3. Cash Receipt Voucher
4. Bank Receipt Voucher
5. Contra Voucher
6. Sales Voucher
7. Purchase Voucher
8. Sale Return Voucher
9. Purchase Return Voucher
10. Journal Voucher

You may add some other if I've missed any. Now, as per my understanding number of vouchers used in any organization vary. My questions are:

1: Which vouchers are utmost necessary to be used?

2: Can we have a journal entry without being backed by any voucher? (e.g. purchase entry backed with purchase invoice but without preparing purchase or any other voucher)

3: Can we use journal voucher as an alternative to other type of vouchers?