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Job Websites - KamiSRK - 05-03-2016

Hi all,
I want to share my experience of about years regarding different websites offering jobs like, job rapido, careers midway, gulf talent etc etc..
All of this is just a bullshit and nothing else. Guys dont waste your time registering and applying for jobs on such websites. I havent got a single reply from any of these websites for long. I have wasted my years in registering and applying on these websites. when eva there is a job on any such website check the details. only one vacancy and thousands applicants.. so there is no chance. the website owner is making money day by day through ads on the sides and corner of that specific website. even some websites offer a premium service meaning that your resume will be seen by the employer if you pay Rs.500-1000 for the premium. all of thi is just waste of time and money.. We need to find a better and new way to contact employers.

RE: Job Websites - MUHAMMAD IMRAN MUGHAL - 08-23-2016

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