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Accounting Help needed from Accounts Experts - BackToAccounts - 09-07-2016


I am B.Com qualified from a pakistani university. I have been doing admin work for 2 years now. However, now I am being offered the post of book keeper i.e. the one who maintains the general ledger and prepares the financial statements and tax returns for the company. I dont have had any practical exprience in doing it, and the person who was doing this job till now, just left the company. However, the company is promising me pay rise subject to satisfactory performance. What I do possess is hardwork, committment and patience to the task(s) in hand. I just want the seasoned accounts and finance managers in Pakistan to help me, guide me from where to start. What I should be looking for? Is there any kind of stepwise procedure list that I can follow in the first 2 or 3 months to learn and understand the processes? What should I be doing at month-ends and specially year-ends? my company is an AOP. what are the things i should avoid, what are the things I should go for to keep the accounts fair and easy to understand? My personal circumstances are such that I need this position and want to perform well. So I would really appreciate the help of my senior pakistani managers here. Jazakallah !

RE: Accounting Help needed from Accounts Experts - Izhar Ul Haq - 05-16-2017

There are so many ways to improve your accounting, you may join forum, googling for different accounting website,