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am I too old? - ikrashtariq - 01-23-2017

Hiya I am currently 29 years old .I completed my hssc in 2007.After that I was forced to work in family business due to economic situations .I currently work as a salesman in a local shop.I am thinking of a carrier shift and try to be an accountant I am thinking of doing ba and then msc in economics from aiolu and then start a carrier in accounting .I cannot afford high accounting courses for another four years as my current pay is very low but I want to be an accountant so I was thinking of investing my time in getting a degree.My question is which pathway should I choose ?
Both acca and ca are heavily pursued certifications so I think I will be at a disadvantage if I pursue them at my age.I was thinking of doing cima qualification .What degree combinations should I use should I opt for an mba before applying for cima or should the ca or acca path will suit me .I need proper guidance.also what are the job prospect challenges which possible challenges I need to cope with ?
What is the retirement age of accountant and what to do after that ? I am asking some clear guidance kindly help me.