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CFA VS Actuaries Finance and investment OR ICAEW - samikhan - 06-21-2005 05:38 PM

hello friends
please comments on my problem, i am interested in Actuarial Finance and Investment,but i dont know CFA is better in investments ?? how ??any kind of suggestion will be helpfull .

samikhan BBA hons MBA Finance


- adnan25 - 06-22-2005 04:44 PM

hi. CFA is definitely better than actuarial science in investment and finance, actually i was reading in a report that CFA''S earn more than actuaries in the US. the get around 120,000 dollars start, so i would suggest do CFA and try to go to the US, u have a very good finance background. In pakistan the job market for CFA's is small but some CFA'S are getting very good salaries. sorry for being late i will send u the orkut invitation soon.

- Shuja - 06-24-2005 03:49 AM

Hey samikhan,

I kinda agree with adnan's view but it really depends on what u wanna do? CFA is a qualification people study once they've completed their undergrad education (and in most cases people sit the CFA exams after completing their MBA). The main reason being that u need to be really good at mathematics (cuz it has a lot of risk management in it) I myself am planning to become an Investment Actuary from the UK or Canada and also plan to do CFA afterwards. The thing is that doing CFA after becoming an actuary is quite easy but goin vice versa is quite hard.

At the end of the day its wat u want to do, I'd prefer to become an actuary and then do CFA cuz truth be told I love mathematics its wat im gonna study for undergrad and then I'm gonna go for actuary and then CFA.

And coming onto who gets paid higher, I'd have to disagree with Adnan, actuaries who have reached their fellowship earn salaries up to $300,000 thats cuz there's a high demand for mathematically minded business people and plus in the investment labour market salary isnt based on qualification, in most cases people get paid according to their investment performance and being an actuary would mean that u will have more analytical skills.

Anyways, I hope I was of some help.



- insaan - 06-24-2005 06:11 PM

adnan also send me invitation for joining orkut