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Need help (asap): ACCA eligibility age - Ali Ibrahim - 06-22-2005

i did my o'levels back in 2003, and currently went through my intermediate examinations (awaiting results). now i have heard that i am not eligible for ACCA examinations since i do not qualify the minimum age requirement i.e 18 years (im still 17). on the other hand i am eligible for CA examinations (intermediate route). so i need some serious help on this matter. would it be better if i went for CA directly or should i wait for a couple of months, turn 18, and then go in for ACCA.

time is running out for the admissions, and i do not even know if SKANS or PAC accept students before their intermediate results.

Help (preferably from professionals) needed.


- sajjad_dar2000 - 06-22-2005

First of all good luck for your intermediate result…


There are two routes to enter in ACCA study and one of them is mature study route, as you mentioned that you are in age of 17, therefore I am afraid you are not eligible to that rote.

Secondly if you are graduate than you can enroll in ACCA, again as you mentioned that you are awaiting for intermediate result… not eligible to sit in ACCA exams.


Now you have left two options for ACCA

<u>OPTION 1</u>

Complete graduation and than go for ACCA….I would not recommend you this route

<u>OPTION 2</u>

Get admission in CAT (Chartered Accounting technicians) complete CAT course first and get admission in ACCA on the base of CAT course as well as part one exemption in ACCA.


Option one… 2 years to complete graduation plus 2.5 years for ACCA = TOTAL 4.5 years to become ACCA qualified.

Option two…1.5 years to complete CAT plus 2 years to complete ACCA= TOTAL 3.5 years to become ACCA qualified.

As for as CA is concern, you are eligible to sit in CA exams after your intermediate exams.

As for as enrolment in ACCA/CA before the intermediate result is concern, I think there shouldn’t be a problem to get admission before the result but you would not be able to sit in ACCA exams until you registered with them. To become student member (registration) with ACCA you must have minimum qualification (graduation or CAT etc).

I don’t know whether or not you are eligible to sit in ACCA exams after intermediate.

- Kashif Bin Munir - 06-22-2005

Assalam O Alaikum,
I think u should go for CA. There is no reason why u should waste time. Moreover u can do ur ACCA after qualifying CA Inter/Foundation (Module D) during your articles with a firm, if u want. That too is not a good idea in my opinion. U must concentrate on CA when u have made a decision. If u need any more help or specific querry plz feel free to ask.

Kashif Bin Munir

- Ali Ibrahim - 06-27-2005

i can go in for ACCA during my CA ??

- ali4u3 - 06-27-2005

yes u can

Never seek advice from a Chartered Accountant. They are trained to find problems not solutions.

- noman - 06-28-2005

why would a person go for ACCA when he is going and deteremined to do CA??
it is understandable if a person wants to leave CA or is fed up or failed or etc.........

and about pac and skans.........believe me
go wherever you like but to that place which charges the least....

i am in pac,,,the oldest,,, the most misconceivedly popular....and the MOST EXPENSIVE institute..........beleive me their study is ****t.....

you have to study by yourself....and then the best thing is to save your parents precious money...

rest is your choice

- Ali Ibrahim - 06-30-2005

wouldnt ACCA be necessary if it is decided to go abroad?? well, i went to both institutes PAC and SKANS and found out their fee structure, apparently PAC is noman youve got me confused here s..i should go for the cheapest one (PAC) ?? but then you say their studies arent as good

- turithegreat - 07-03-2005

Yaar Just go for C.A


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- Ali Ibrahim - 07-04-2005

it would be a lot easier if i were told which institute to join (FOR CA) SKANS or PAC

- Ali Ibrahim - 07-07-2005

got admission @ PAC, classes starting 15th this month...thanks for your help anyways

- naam_thegreat - 07-07-2005

Is ACCA easy than ICMA or CA??


- Hammad100 - 07-07-2005

Dont Go for the Easy thing . Go for the Best -p

Hammad Hassan.

- hassan_1 - 07-19-2005

aoa every1
i want to do ca. i have got admission in cat then will do acca and then ca. i was told that it is easier way to do ca. what do u think is it a right way. i m waiting 4 ur reply

- sumaaan - 07-20-2005

Doing CA after ACCA is the tougher route.

- hassan_1 - 07-26-2005

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by sumaaan</i>
<br />Doing CA after ACCA is the tougher route.

<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">can u explain how