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Using videos in mobiles - Shahid_fss - 07-04-2005

<b>Usually people blame that our mobile has small mamory but I think that even 10MB is enough for movies.</b>

<u><b>SPECIALY FOR K500-700 AND 3GP ENABLED SETS</b></u>


To use this trick you need to understand that the size of video
depends upon its VIDEO, AUDIO and DISPLAY Quality.

As your mobile phone uses 3GPP video so you need to convert your
movie from any populer formate to 3GPP format.

<b>While converting you need to keep in mind following things</b>

1- If you dont want sound then remove it, and if want it, set it at
less then 7 kBit/s. Audio should be 3GPP too.

2- Set the Video bit rate in betwwen Max 50 and Mininmum 20 kBit/s.

3- Set display dimention at 128*128 (Your mobile display size)

You don't need much effort to do this. Many software provide these facilities. I use "mpegable Broadcaster" which has all these features.

Size depends upon picutre and audio quality. More you will reduce quality, more the size will reduce. A reduction in sound quality wont effect much because your mobile already uses low quality sounds. You can remove sound where it is not needed. A reduction in picture size to 129*128 is ok.
That is 100% quality of picture because even 640*480 picture is shown in mobile in this size.

You can view your video after convertion in computer using windos
media player or quick time. It's quality will be very bad in computer but in mobile that will be OK

The size of video will decrease amazingly. A full quality video having a size of 50MB can be reduced to 500KB in size with same picture quality.


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