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People from Rawalpindi / Islamabad - naam_thegreat - 08-08-2005

People on this forum who r living in Rawalpindi or Islamabad are requested to post on this topic and tell what they r studying and what they are doing in their professional Lives...


- ausmanpk2001 - 08-09-2005

Im Usman. Studying or the CAT at the University of Lahore Business School. I tend to complete ACCA then CA the if possible then Aca.

Usman Arshad

- naam_thegreat - 08-09-2005

thats cool usman its nice of u to post hope we keep in touch tc..


- naam_thegreat - 08-11-2005



- munshi - 08-13-2005

I dont live in pindi--but have studied and lived thier all my life...just recently shifted to karachi

- naam_thegreat - 08-13-2005

oye munshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu zinda hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chal yeh tu achi baat hai keh tu karachi shift aur suna kaisa hai kiya nayee taazi hai????


- naam_thegreat - 08-15-2005

Yar waisey buhat rokhay log hotey hain rawalpindi/islamabad kay! sorry.... this topic is closed!


- zee_cma - 09-01-2005

hi dear my name is Zeeshan and i m working as Accounts Manager for a pvt in ECT, isb, n i hve completed CMA inter n now in p-iv........any thing elsesssssssssssssssss

Smile ! GOD loves you.....

- Moon - 09-12-2005

Hi, i am murtaza. i am CA-Finalist and currently associated with Khalid Majid Rehman, CAs.

Be careful! Words speak....

- scorpion - 09-12-2005

i am CMA Qualified recently and planning for next........