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Formats for a quality CV - madeeha - 10-28-2005

what is correct format of cv

- accountant1 - 10-28-2005

A CV is an abbreviation for Curriculum Vitae. A CV is a summary of one's education, professional history, and job qualifications, as presented to a prospective employer. A CV is also referred to as a resume
If you are seeking employment you should consider making a Curriculum Vitae (CV) instead of a resume. Common Sections in a CV are

Contact Information
A CV must include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

This is a very important section for a CV. It must include all academic qualifications, with the name of the institute, degree/diploma type, designation if any, honors, concentrations, majors, ranks, gpa...

Any full time or part time experience that relates to the objective for which the CV is being made should be included. Details such as organizations name, designation, responsibilities, dates and the like should also be mentioned.

A CV must list scholarships, assistantships, fellowships, awards, honors...

A CV must list certifications, affiliations, memberships...
Conference Participation
Presentations in conferences must be briefly described in a CV. Additionally, the name of the conference, dates and location of the conference must be mentioned.

Research Interest
If applicable, the CV should include your area of research and also mention the research work already completed.

A CV can include some references. But if these are not going to be evergreen, it is best to mention Available upon Request.

Other Sections
Depending upon the individual and the purpose of the CV, other sections could include community activity, international experience and skills.

- Azeem Shah Khan - 10-31-2005

a number of catchy formats are available over the net. just google it and you will surely find a format thats suits you.

accountant1 thanks for explaining the basic bits.


"You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now."

- maani - 11-01-2005

and don't forget to enter your "Objectives" in your CV...


- MMahtab - 12-15-2005

Thanks to all of you for this valueable posts

Time is Life

- saliq - 04-07-2007

just keep it mind , that CV is ur marketing document and it need to be more impressive from list of 200 CVs..

- Sahar_M - 04-08-2007

<font color="black">ok ppl let me add sumthing
<u>its résumé not cv</u>

CV is a term used internationally by ppl in the <u>education department only. </u> In other fields of life it is called <b>Résumé'</b> which is a summary of ur career and achivements.

Now the format, it is the Americian format which is int accepted and expected D.
4.Phone (+92-42-726266)
5.D.O.B and Marital status (are not to be mentioned unless the job description specifies, causes discrimination otherwise)

* can add the passport no or id card no if required.

<u><b>OBJECTIVE</b></u> phrased in term of the job u r applying to

EXPERIENCE </b></u>(place n wht u did there, dont mention tht u were serving tea Wink)<u><b>
These 4 items are to be entered in one of the 3 orders

1.<b>Chronological order </b> most recent first
2.<b>Function /skill</b> ur skills in a specific field
3.<b>Achievements/accomplishments</b> wht u hv achieved (not to be followed by starters, recommended to a person with a 10 yr work exp)

<u><b>REFFERENCES</b></u> are to be made available only on request no need to actually attach them.

<b>Remember</b> a résumé is a <u>Selling document </u> .. u r presenting ur self to the market … the interviewee is looking for possible reasons to put in the NO category so avoid all possible spelling errors

and one last thing while formatting ur résumé make sure its <b>simple</b> n formatted in the same style(consistency) … use <b>SERIF</b> font styles only(fonts with rounded or lined edges, gives a formal look).
dont mention ur grades </font id="black">

- Accountant 2 - 04-10-2007

oh thanks all of u .. now a days i was looking for a correct format of a CV/Resume. And ur posts really helped me alot..Thanks alot Specially Sahar. Your post is very informative....keep guiding us May God bless u ALL