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- afzal - 09-02-2007

Hanif, Nice to know that you are bit intrested CFA like me and my friends, I am also searching for the scope of CFA in Pakistan.

What matters near me is the cost of it and I don't think a person with weak financial background can continue with it. What you think of this ? You must do some sort of job there and then go for it ...

Just a sugesstion.

ICMAP, Islamabad

- BeL@L - 09-06-2007

Well, its better keep continue with your current job. As far degree comparison concern you can't say this degree offers you more or that degree offers you less.

EMPLOYER do not see only your educational background. He/she see your expierences, skills, educational completion time frames, your achievements, negotiation skills, communication skills [ it vary from employer to employer ] so you may not agree with me.

So do CFA on the base of your ambitions rather then just on a salary surveys. Because i know many ACCA's who earn in 6 figuers and Many other degrees's ( don't want to mention ) very less.
So in the end individual efforts does matter alot.

As far scope in Pakistan concern, there are new investment banks are opening nowadays in Pakistan even in last few years as well. So market is still growing up.

<b>* its better you call any your fellow in pak and get sunday DAWN paper copy from Karachi editions, You will know market is booming day by day * </b>

In the end ALLAH bless all of us

- safy007 - 10-17-2007

Hi Hanif

I am sarfraz, currently living in london. I am ACCA and ACA qualified and now started CFA. It sound bit crazy, yea because my situation is like you. I want to come back to pk. I am taking level 1 in December. To be honest with you, i found CFA very boring with lots of syllabus. It is difficult for me to digest it with my current job. I am confused like you, i want to quit it because i think i have enough qualification to come back to pk. The only problem is which sector in pakistan is best to work.

Currently i am working in top 10 uk firm but i want to move to investment banking. I am not sure what advantage ACA has in banking. Will i get descent job in bank with this qualification? Please advise.


- BeL@L - 10-18-2007

i think you can, you should start applying in investment banks and then see how they reply? even do share with us your experience

- mohsinkhan - 03-22-2009

guys ive just completed my bachelors degree majors in finance(16 yrs of education) and i am very tempted to go for CFA for many different reasons. could u guys guide me a little on whether or not i shud persue this field, how tough is it and do u have to complete all levels to get a rilly good job or is completing one level a big thing too?i mean if i clear the forst level will i be able to find a good job on the basis of that? i know i mighht sound an amateur here but i rilly need advice of sum ppl who are actually a part of this field.thnx!

- CFANerd - 03-22-2009

Mohsin. Definitely nothing wrong with giving it a shot especially to level 1.Even if you do Level 1, it ll make you conceptually so strong that you ll be able to tackle other things in general Finance area plus it will enhance your resume appeal anyway. Also depends on your hunger to work for equity side of investment banking. If you have bachelors equivalent to that of a US bachelors degree you can go for it. I didnt realize it first but it cost about 80000 in Pakistan which seems alot. For someone like me in US its just 1000 bucks which is not a big deal. Go to and study in detail what it entails.
Look at my other posts where i ve discussed some of the material you could use for preparation.
I am not sure about job prospects of CFA in Pakistan.

My suggestion is to do a thorough research first before you step into it. Talk to someone already in profession. Good luck!

- mohsinkhan - 03-23-2009

thnx mate. rilly appreciate it!)

- CFACCA - 03-29-2009

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by mohsinkhan</i>
<br />thnx mate. rilly appreciate it!)
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Just for your knowledge... Regarding job.. I l like to inform that i am starting an asset management company in Multan.. !! Inshallah it will be operational in start of October this year, and we'l be recruting CFA part qualified.. Plus SKANS is also starting CFA Classes in Multan.. A CFA Chartholder will himself lead the classes.. This is definately not for promotional purposes but just for information purposes. thanks

- kamranACA - 03-30-2009


It's great to hear about the AMC you are going to start and the CFA classes being managed at Multan.

I guess teacher would be Kamran. Am I right? Yes if he is to join this programme, it would be very nice for Multan's students.

Stock market is going to boost in near future. Political situation is good, interest rates are getting down, meetings of capital market people with IMF representatives have shown positive feedback, properties are not giving that level of returns, CPI, MPI and all other indicators endorse that everything is in place for revival of market.

The near futur may be best time for IPOs and launching of collective investment schemes.

Please let me know which sort of schemes you plan to launch and do you feel Multan is a good place to base such business at?



- mohsinkhan - 03-31-2009

i just want to know will i be able to get a job on the basis of level 1 or level 2 in pakistan or middle east and what would be the salary range?

- CFACCA - 04-09-2009

No it is not KAMRAN RASHID, its someone else. a recent qualified person but having relevant experience.

Particularly at start we are planning to launch with just portfolio management for local institutions and individual investors. We will be working in collaboration with a leading brokerage house and target market will be private investor base in multan district. Having conducted market surveys the potential is good, as every business it now depends on mine and my teams skilss and in this business particularly stock picking ability. BAKI ALLAH BEHTAR KARNE WALA HAI..!

- Mujahid - 04-10-2009

Hahahahahhahahaahaha @ kamran Rashid.

Sorry but couldn't control myself. [D]

- hanifasif - 04-13-2009

y hahahahahaha,
Kamran Rashid is one of the best teacher for CFA in Lahore

- Mujahid - 04-13-2009

hanif asif.

Go to ICAP's website and search the name Kamran Rashid in the member's list. You'll find only one Kamran there. Then visit this forum again and you'll know why i did this hahahaha.[D]

- umarlibra - 05-05-2009

which one is ethentic institute for certified accountant, PIPFA or ICPAP.
please refer if u know.