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- umarlibra - 05-05-2009

which one is ethentic institute for certified accountant, PIPFA or ICPAP.
please refer if u know.

- mri - 06-19-2009

well Mujahid, i have visited the site and found following for the name Kamran Rashid

Rashid, Kamran ACA. (# 3767 - 29.8.2002).

please confirm what is that you are referring to?

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<br />hanif asif.

Go to ICAP's website and search the name Kamran Rashid in the member's list. You'll find only one Kamran there. Then visit this forum again and you'll know why i did this hahahaha.[D]
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- ajavaid - 11-12-2011

hey...what would you suggest for someone with a BBA (hon's) degree interested in pursuing a career in finance? CFA, ACI or an MBA in finance?