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Tell us about your Institution - Shinobz - 01-31-2006

Hello Guys

Lets tell others about our Study institution where we study/studied

So Starting with me ,, i m studying in Institute of Cost and Management Accountants,, in short Well known as ICMAP )

Now it is your turn [)]

So get started now [)]

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- Humaira - 02-04-2006

in which city

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- hanifasif - 02-05-2006

I studied with

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, Lahore.
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Lahore.
Institute of Internal Auditors, Saudi Arabia.

and now,

Chartered Financial Analysts Institute (USA), Saudi Arabia.

- accountant1 - 02-06-2006

Chartered Institute of Managment Accountants (UK)

CIMA (the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is the only
international accountancy body with a sole focus on business. It is a
world leading professional institute that offers an internationally
recognised qualification in management accountancy, focusing on accounting
in business, in both the private and public sectors. It is the fastest
growing UK based accountancy body, in terms of members, in both the UK
and worldwide and is the voice of over 85,000 students and 65,000
members in 158 countries. CIMA is responsible for the education and
training of management accountants who work in industry, commerce and
not-for-profit and has more members in the public sector than any other UK
based body. CIMA prides itself on the commercial relevance of its
syllabus, which is in tune with the activities of high performance
organisations, and evolves continually to reflect the latest developments in global
business. It is committed to upholding the highest ethical and
professional standards of members and students, and to maintaining public
confidence in management accountancy. For more information about CIMA,
please visit

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- seesamad - 02-08-2006

Well My name is Abdul Samad . i did MBA and doing ACCA & working for a charterd accountant firm


Kind Regards !
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- Shinobz - 02-17-2006

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<br />AOA
in which city

" NOthing in this world can compansate for the loss of self-respect,nobleness of mind and self-honour "
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I am in Karachi (Gulshan Campus)

Tears of ICE, Word of FIRE, The Heart Burns in the Frozen FIRE

- fatima ca - 03-06-2006

hi evry1
its fatima studing ACCA and CA in sialkot. u all r good, n nice to meet u all. well Mr hanifAsif u r impressive keep it up.


- Shahbaz - 03-11-2006

Hum aik jagha parhta hoon jiska naam ICMAP, Khi hai .. pehlay hum ICAP mein tha...magar Foundation k baad ICMAP aagia... uskay baad ka humko pata nahee k hum kahan jayega D... hanifasif... kuch na chornaa.. marnay se pehlay is profession k tamaam certificates kar lena D... Allah hafiz tc

Angootha Chaap P

- tajwar - 04-08-2006

salam all
i m a student of ICAP karachi
right now in AF ferguson

- mushi - 04-09-2006

student of CAT n studying in Anees Hussain(gulshan camp.khi.)

+ student of Intermediate(Saint Patrick's college karachi)

- aamert - 04-22-2006

Finishing my BBA in Accounting and Intl Business at LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO.
and then inshallah will start working on my CPA later this year.

- janasheen_m4u - 05-21-2006

I did my HSc from Cadet college Petaro
and currently doing C.A from ICAP and my institution is tabanis,karachi.

- may - 06-02-2006

I have Done B.A (Prievat)
I m Doing C.A module C
Moreover done B.A while doing C.A

- wk_pk - 06-02-2006

Assalam O Alaikum.....

Hi all i m Waqas...and studying in ICMAP...GUlshan Campus....


Waqas Kodvavi

the Most u can do is be OPTIMISTIC......and PRAY....