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Help Me - aamirfaraz - 09-22-2003

I have started ACCA in this july & registered through MSER.I am going to take paper 1.1 & 1.2 in this december so please help me to prepare for exams specially for 1.2 coz its a lengthy paper as far as its course is concerned.


- sajjad_dar2000 - 09-22-2003

hi aamir

post your message on student forum

- meer - 09-23-2003

Hi aamir ;

I would suggest that you read technical artical in "Student Magzine" concerning 1.2, there is a resource archieve on acca website where you can download technical articles and past papers of the previous two years concerning the paper 1.2 work on past papers , particularly the mcqs, in addition to having a book by Foulks Lynch or BPP, buy the book name, "Management and cost Accounting" by colin drury. if you want to pass this paper practice a lot of past papers question especially the mcq's