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Place of Birth: - Muhammad Adnan Arshad - 02-28-2006

Add on this thread your place/venue of birth, so to have more information of forum members about each other. By the way, my place of birth was;


Also passed some of my life-period(s) in Sialkot, Pasrur, Walana (My Home-Village near Sialkot), Wazirabad, Sheikhupura, Gujranwala etc. But, now residing in LAHORE for last 4 years.

- massood akhter - 03-06-2006

I am from "ABBOTTABAD"

massood ar.

- fatima ca - 03-08-2006

my birth place is rotterdam in holland but i live in the city of Mohd Adnan Arshad's Dr Allama Iqbal(Sialkot).
nice 2 meet u all


- Sarfaraz - 03-09-2006

City of birth was Karachi but i live in



There is a will. There is a way.

- mak_thecaian - 03-16-2006

hello fatima
here is muhammad ali khan CA inter from Peshawar.

- Mujahid Islam - 03-18-2006


I am Mujahid

I am from Wah Cantt

City of dreams

- Azeem Shah Khan - 03-25-2006

Birth place Karachi - the biggest city of Pakistan by far and world's 13 biggest city even with the incorrect population.

Living in London.


"You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now."

- Pracs - 03-25-2006

Born Dubai

Living in London, originally from Lahore (Lived there some 9 years)

"Failure is a word unknown to me" - M A Jinnah

- mushi - 03-25-2006

my birth place Karachi
and <b>now living in planet TRICLOO</b>

- Sohail_A - 03-25-2006

Born Multan (City of Saints) Currently living in Multan

"With four rare things Multan abounds Heat, Saints, dust and burial grounds"
The above couplet by a Persian poet describes the primordial environment of the historic city of Multan. But that has changed now and not only the city of Multan but also the district itself has been transformed into a green, fertile area. It is fast becoming an industrial town. The city has its own charm, culture and crafts. The origin of the name 'Multan' is obscure and so is the period of its founding. Hiuen Tsang has called it as Mulosan pulu and Alberuni called it Multana, which ultimately came to be called Multan.

- Pracs - 03-26-2006

Nice piece of info their Sohail, I have never been to Multan and would really like to visit the place,, did'nt know about the Alberuni thing......

"Failure is a word unknown to me" - M A Jinnah

- Girl_here - 04-02-2006

hey folks!!
i was born in Islamabad...the Capital[Wink] and still living's been 18 years n am in love with this place

- accountant1 - 04-02-2006

lol same here i WAS born in isb tooo love it to

- Girl_here - 04-03-2006

well ..yup..Islamabad is adorable so v both are in love with it..right said,accountant?[Wink]hehehe
now lemme leave b4 others start posting messages against my statement ,as am sure they would do so..byeeeeeeeeeeeee

- Girl_here - 04-03-2006

exactly...islamabad is the best...tht's wht almost all of the isloos think including me...but mostly others don't and what others think is that Isb is dull ,somber and kind of an official city..specially lahoris..but the thing is that Lhr and Khi are unclean ..crowded...noisy whereas Islamabad is not much polluted..full of greenery..calm ..quiet...that's why I love it..but of course everyone has got his own choice and this is mine
Good Luck to all