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Can ACCA get Job in CA firms - sajjad_dar2000 - 03-31-2006

Can you (ACCA qualified) get job in CA firms to achieve the CA. i mean, can you get "articleship" in CA firms after ACCA? if yes than what would be the range of starting salary?


Sajjad Dar

- Shahbaz - 03-31-2006

yes u can start ur articleship after ACCA in any CA firm... n the starting stipend might be Rs 3200/month . baaqi wallah o ilm

Angootha Chaap P

- sajjad_dar2000 - 04-01-2006

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<br />yes u can start ur articleship after ACCA in any CA firm... n the starting stipend might be Rs 3200/month . baaqi wallah o ilm

Angootha Chaap P
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i think a CHAPRASSI can earn better than us (CA trainee)...i would never go to work for 3200 a month.

- Abdur.Rehman - 04-01-2006

Mr. sajjad Dar
no one comes in CA firm for Rs.3200. the most important thing is the hell of experience, exposure and professionalism for which people come in CA firm 4 articleship. and its the only thing that pays in future. but a good news 4 u is that 4 ACCA qualified the stipend is Rs. 4000 instead of Rs. 3200. At least one can point out one way in which ACCA is better than CA intermediate in a CA firm.
Allah Hafiz

- jani - 04-01-2006

Its only for experience. Its not a job put a part of your studies. if icap didn't create a stipened, then even then you have to work do articleship just for your education.

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- Pracs - 04-01-2006

Sajjad,, the ICAP articleship in firms in Pakistan is more of part of the CA qualification and unlike the UK and other countries it does not pay at all. The Stipend is little more than 'a pocket money' but the experience is undoubtdly enriching and fruit ful.I was trained in Pakistan and have worked for Big4s in Dubai and now in the UK but the excitement and the good time I had in Pakistan is still un paralleled, we had no money and literally no social life,, the firm, your work and studies are all you go around but it really pays off in the end, you come of it accomplished and complete and bring along with it life long comrade ships. Just as one of my late Accounting teachers Ashfaque sahab put it, its like joining the Army Long course,, just 4 years instead of the 2,..

Well, just my personal thoughts...if its any consolation,. our colleagues in India get started at Indian Rupees 300/-

"Failure is a word unknown to me" - M A Jinnah

- smurfyazhar - 04-01-2006

i need to know which firm offers Rs.4000/- ?


- smurfyazhar - 04-01-2006

in the big four that is.


- Pracs - 04-01-2006

Smurf I think all firms would follow the ICAP minimum standards when you are on the ICAP four year contract.


- Ali Akbar - 04-02-2006

KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co, offers 4,000 to ACCA qualified trainees, and I totally agree with Pracs.

ICAPians, the unparalleled..

- muji - 04-03-2006

If ACCA has done articles in firm, then he can do job, but can't sign report, means cant become a partner in the capacity of being ACCA.