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Behaviour of MPA Dept's Head - Beyond_instincts - 04-06-2006

I want to tell all my friends about my personal experience about Dept.Of Public Administration(KU)..As you enter into that department, You will notice a lot of posters and chockings relating to a ruling political party. Department is looking like a BHOOT BANGLA and the office attendants always smoke,have a PAN in their mouths and have no manners to talk to anybody including students or those seeking information about dept.
One of my friends tried to take admission there, He passed the written test and interview as well, But could not enroll, the reason was that he was not informed about his success in interview i.e. there is no correspondence.He met the Chairman of the Dept. (Mr.Humayun) in this regard but the chairman was not ready to accept that it was their own fault, instead he asked my friend to take admission in next session(after one Year) which shows that Chairman himself is unaware of the importance of A WHOLE YEAR in a student's life or he simply dont care.So my kind advice for all the students seeking admission there is "REVISE YOUR DECISION"..if you want to add some more "PEAKS" of "PAN" on the walls of that dept then just enroll in MPA and Become Masters of PAN ADOPTATION(MPA)..

Regards...Beyond Instincts..
Any doubt????Try yourself!!!