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Jobs for partly-qualified ACCAs - mfk - 04-28-2006

i need to know that if a person passed upto 2.2 of ACCA + Bcom and have an experience of one and a half year of small audit firm, what does the job market of karachi have to offer him in terms of monentary terms?

waiting for ur comments

- Shahbaz - 04-28-2006

2 RUPPAY 8 Aanay D

- smurfyazhar - 04-29-2006

no idea

- Muhammad Ahmad - 05-19-2006

u can even make it short by Writting " Rs.2.5/-"......
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<br />2 RUPPAY 8 Aanay D
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- capricorn_me - 05-22-2006

well my friend, i know one person in acca 2.5, 2.6(also done Bcom), he is working in a construction company and earning 20,000+car.

- ali4u3 - 05-22-2006

well...who said 2.5 Rs only

i m getting 16.5 K after my BCOM + 2.3 in a Bank in Karachi

- capricorn_me - 05-22-2006

yes my friend ali4u3,
u r absolutly correct not only u but many , those can compete , they are doing job + study

the peoples saying 'do anny or 2.5' are just showing thier expectations ) (never mind)

- Goodman - 05-22-2006

this weekend I received two requests for CVs. First jobs offeres 45k and the second one offers 37K. Candidates must be qualified/part qualified CIMA/ACCA (as written by the marketing director). 45K job involves loads of travel in EU. Candidates must have good command over english and must have UK experience. If anyone is interested forward me the CV.