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How to spend vacations - janasheen_m4u - 05-17-2006

salam everyone

well first a little introduction about myself.i did my ssc n hsc from Cadet College Petaro.i cleared my foundation smoothly. Well unfortunately i got 2 referrals and cleared Tax of Module C. What do u suggest me about how i can spend my vactions cos i have never suffered such thing in such a manner earlier and i am really damn bored sitting at home and also not in a mood to re attend module C classess because i understand it well.

can i do CIMA? or shall i study company law or any other advance subjects?

or is it really tough?
i am student of 9th MFc.@Tabanis..and age is 19
take care

- capricorn_me - 05-18-2006

hey yaar , don't worry .
and don't put your hand in anyother thing.
just do the practice of the subjects in which u face a refer.
more then that , u must study company law. spend as much time as u can on it(comp. law), it will be beneficial for u

- ausmanpk2001 - 05-20-2006

it wont be better to do cima at this stage, when you have came that much further, try your best. qualifications are not the thing to switch everytime.

- janasheen_m4u - 05-20-2006

thanks yaar!!!
yeah many people have suggested me to start company law..well module C is good yar..i got refr beacuse of time management otherwise ...i dont have anyprob.i have completed the course..mashallah and still i have long time left till ICap

RE: How to spend vacations - blue_oceans79 - 12-24-2014

I qualified AlhumdulliAllah within Articles, I am same Janasheen_m4u . I love to be back. Tongue Tongue