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Guyz plz respond (specially from uk) !! - anothermortal - 06-10-2006

SalamzZ aLL !
hmm.. i've just finished with my inter exams (2 lame practicals still to go.. anywayz) ! so.. now i have to decide what to do in future ! as im not very interested in engineering .. im thinking about acca and ca !
if some could plz help me out and answer some questions of mine i'd be greatful !
*after completing acca (2 to 2.5 years) , can i get admission in icaew for CA and work may be in an auditing firm side by side ?
how much would the admission cost?
is it easy to get admission there ?
and i've heard that doing CA from england is very valuable and not as hard as compared to doing CA from icap !???!?!

also .. i need a lil guidance abt engineering too !
im confused... some ppl tell me that engineers are highly paid and sum say engineers nowadays dont even get proper jobs (even bachelors from ned) !!? is it true ?
but a friend of mine told me that after doing engineering if u do mba probably from iba (evening course) ,, its highly valuable and a cousin of his gets a pay of abt 150000 !
hmm... waise im not really interested in engineering but as they say that engineering is faar faaar easier than CA and u can earn alot with not that much hard work !
plz help me out !
thnx ! [)]

- ausmanpk2001 - 06-10-2006

it will cost almost 3.5 lakhs. as you are inter only so first you have to do cat & then acca. thats the amount & time for wohle process. acca=ca inter & after that you will easily get articlehip at some firm. no problem for admission. acca operates on open for all basis.
its definiely much easier to do ca from uk (icaew) but it requires that you obtain training position at some icaew approved firm which are only in the uk, mauritius,malaysia, france & i think hong kong(not sure about hk)
obtaining a training contract is really very difficult. if you consult icaew they say its easy but actually its not. but try. if you dont ask you dont get.
doing ca from icaew england is very valuable even in pakistan plus you get all icap ca exmpted except only two papers that related to regional varitants.

salaries in engg vary a lot. it depends on from where you do it! if giki then its really great. but doing it form ned etc depends a lot on your qismat. doing mba from iba without engg is still very valuable. maybe your friend's freind is earning on the basis of iba not engg.
if you do engg from some normal university then expect no more then 15 - 20 k (even this is toooooo much). so dont expect it too in the beginning.

any profession can give you good earning including engg but every ca earns a lot where as every engineer dont.

- anothermortal - 06-11-2006

thnx ! how many years wud it take for ca from icaew after acca ?

- anothermortal - 06-11-2006

one thing more...
can i rely on getting admission in icaew ??
i mean .. after acca ... wat wud i do if i dont get admission in icaew.. cuz im too scared of icap... i've heard alot of **** abt it ! so wat is the probability of getting into icaew ?

- ausmanpk2001 - 06-12-2006

the possiblity is very rare. i know a person who applied to icaew to 78 firms of icaew but no result.
so dont expect it. DONOT rely on it. however it would take 2 years after acca.
you can start experience at some commercial institute like bank, different big & small companies also ask for acca affiliates. so its not necessary to get into icap & its s***t firms.
also you can do icaew if you have acca +5 years of experience after membership. you have to pass an experience test. you can become icaew. its a new scheme of icaew. visit for more details.