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mba - dia - 06-13-2006

hi after such along time i am again onthis forum i still rememeber i scrap here in my first smester of mba at that tiem every one here said k i hav chosen a wrong path and no jobs here
now i hav complete d mba finance
now can u people tell me the right way to job
except telling me i hav done wrong or right i hav completed from fatima jinnah women university rawalpindi and i on my own ahv seen that how refrences help students to get job any way out without refrence
and in future i hav to settle in UAE
in UAE where i mean like in what organiztions i can apply fopr job i will b tahnkfull to all of those who will reply to me

- hanifasif - 06-13-2006

UAE - Job market is good for professionally qualified people. (references are not as important as they are in Pak job market) if you have the ability and competence you will surely find your way in. Take Friday/Sunday issue of Gulf News (if its available in Pak) and it will give you an idea about the job market. Almost all sectors are open because UAE market is booming at a dramatic rate. Choose any area u want to work in… and there you go.

But never ever think of coming to Saudi Arabia, you will only land a job in women’s toiletry shop or in a hospital as a nurse (being only the areas open for women). It hurts to see how many women (over 50% of the population) are being treated in this chauvinist society. Anyway

Best of luck

- dia - 06-14-2006