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CA/CIMA/CFA? which would be the best for a MBA? - saifankhan - 06-13-2006

Which one is the best for a MBA in finance(CBM)? i know CFA seems to be more suitable, but also provide me some info about CIMA (UK) & CA, i have heard a lot about them.

What is the Duration of CIMA program?

please answer honestly that can CA(ICAP) be passed without using any unfair means? ; is it possible to pass CA by studying only? or some external factors like LUCK & RISHWAT is also needed?

also tell when are the exams of L2 & L3 of CFA are held world over?, i have heard that they are held only once a yr, is this true? or this is only for PAK?

I hope to revcieve promt and sincere replies from your side.


- Schuaeb - 06-14-2006

Saifankhan what i suggest to ppl is plz gather some info before postin ur msg here, in that case u ll be in a better position to ask sumthin with a more specific question.
Duration of cima, u can ask from any institute which provide CIMA coachin or from web. (quite easy i gues)
Comin to ur second question, no idea from where u hav heard all this, cent percent false i can promise. CA is not a very tough program, perhaps far easier than the general perception prevalin. Just need to study which is also required in any professional qualification. The main problem is its a bit lengthy one.
Sir, only one needs some hardwork and consistency to qualify and nothin else than that.

- Pracs - 06-14-2006

There are no 'unfair means' used in ICAP, we have had at times sons of a Vice Presidant ICAP fail the foundation exams many times over during his father's tenure. That must give you the answer ! You have obviously no idea about the quality, standard and professionalism of Chartered Accountancy in Pakistan.

Feel free to check out some threads on this forum, I am sure you will get some of your answers. As far as I remember CFA L1 is held twice a year at most sites around the world. Better decide on what you need to persue on. Think of what you want to be in the next five years, who do you want to be an accountant, an investment professional, a banker,. you know