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M.Sc. Economics program at NUML - chaudhry - 06-20-2006


I want to introduce about my department at NUML.

The Department of Economics, National University of Modern Languages (NUML), is a newly established department in the field of education, training and research. The Department of Economics was established in 2003. It offers two-year M.Sc. Economics program in morning and evening sessions on regular basis.

About 80 students have successfully completed their M.Sc. Economics and now they are serving in many Federal Government Departments (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Petroleum, Economic Affairs Division, National Assembly Secretariat, Senate Secretariat), Educational Institutions (Government Colleges, Army Public Schools & Colleges, City School), International Organizations (World Bank) and other prestigious organization (Citibank, United Bank Limited, Faisal Bank, , Islamic Relief, Norwegian Refugees Organization).

You can get more info from http//


Saeed Chaudhry