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CPA & CMA in Pakistan? - Rush_cpa - 06-21-2006

Salamz All,
Okay here is my dillema.
- I have a BBA in Accounting in from US
- I have a B.S. in Health Services Management from US
- I am almost half CPA (2 more to go!)

I should be done with CPA in a few months and thinking to move to Pakistan. Currently, working as a financial analyst and free lance consultant of finance in health care. After CPA, I will give CMA exams to avail the one exemption.
Bottom line, I want to know if Paki firms are open to accepting CPA's or CMA's. Few people told me that MBA is required for everything there these days.....Is that true? I am willing to go for MBA. But is it worth it?

- Pracs - 06-22-2006

Rush CPA is acceptable in the Pakistani Industry.. though ofcourse you may realise that relevant experience is also a big factor. I have'nt seen many CMAs in Pakistan. CPA has a better standing. An MBA from a good school will ofcourse add value.. but I don't think I can put a number on that.

My advice to you would be if you plan to move to Pakistan, start applying now when you are in the US and try getting a contract while you are in the US (that would have you in a good negotiating position)

- Rush_cpa - 06-22-2006

Pracs...I have been looking into applying in the accounting firms in Pakistan. I have noticed that the Paki firms are affiliates of big 4 but not part of it. I mean Fergusons is contracted with PWC, but if I want to get a transfer from PWC to Ferguson that would not be possible.
Its interesting to know that CMA is not as big as CPA. Here in US, CMA is a notch up from CPA. I have been thinking about MBA from Kellog (Northwestern) but Paki salary wont be enough to pay off the loans I leave behind )

- Pracs - 06-23-2006

Yeah you will need to think about paying of the loans and all. Yes besides being Big4 and in all cases now full memebers they are pretty much run like 'Sethia' firms (family businesses). I guess in the near future things will change and most of the international firms will acquire stakes in Pakistan as well, as has been the case in Middleast and India.

If you are thinking about an MBA you might as well stay on in the US a couple of years to pay them off.

Btw, if you want to move closer to home but still enjoy a comparable life style Middleast is a good place to consider, especially a place like Dubai. Its a very up and coming market and there are marked differences for professionals coming from the West compared to South Asians in terms or remuneration and career progression.

And Yeah CPA is BIG in the Middleast/Gulf market, primarily because of the American influence